Nothing Changes If You Keep Telling the Same Stories

You tell stories all day long…about everything. 

Stories include the meanings you attach, the conclusions you make, the assumptions you assume, the feelings you have and the feelings (and thoughts) you think someone else has.  

Stories are often based on the beliefs that you have. 

Stories are the things you think and talk about.  

The stories that you tell can include and are not limited to:

The government is…(doing the best that it can with what it’s got, trying to control us, sucks and is out to ruin this country).

My kids are… (cooperative, lovely, monsters, downright annoying).

I am...(smart, insightful, good at, bad at, stupid, not good enough).

He/she/they are...(interesting, fun, gorgeous, clever, not-like-me, odd, mean, ignorant a-hole).

My job is…(awesome, the best ever, I hate it I wish I never had to come back here again).

My childhood was…(happy, playful, downright shitty).

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You Can't Google That Shit

Imagine….the very best personal assistant completing every one of your requests and fulfilling all of your desires.  

This assistant of yours knows Everything you’ve ever wanted and has the networks, connections, resources, means, and the know-how to bring it all together.  

Your assistant is also aware of how all of the pieces fit together, exactly where you need to go, who you need to talk to, and what needs to be combined for you to have everything you dream of having to live the life that you want for yourself. 

This assistant is equipped with the best memory; receiving and remembering every request you’ve made and has intimate knowledge of everyone of your preferences and nuances since the day you were born (and before) and has access to everything there is to be known.  (It's way better than Google). 

Your assistant is the most efficient, reliable, resourceful, connected assistant you could ever envision. There’s nothing this assistant can’t do. 

Now picture your cell phone.  Imagine that to communicate with you, your assistant texts you every minute of every day, providing you with information about where to go, who to talk to, what to do, what to think about, what you need to know and what to say. 

Sucks for you if your phone is off.  

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Happiness Is Like...

Happiness is like peeing your pants.  Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth. 

The point is, only you can feel what you’re feeling; no one else can.  And only you create the feeling for yourself; no else does it for you.

Others can observe your manifestations, but only you know how it feels to you

How you feel is at the heart of any creation.  

How you feel (or how you want to feel) is why you want all things that you want.  

And also why you don’t want the things you don’t want.  

You want what you want because you’ve attached (or associated with it) a feeling that you believe you'll get you as a result of having it.  ie., "If I have this, or if this happens, I'll feel like (fill in the blank)."  

So when you think about what you want, try identifying how you think you would feel if you were living it, having it, driving it, or kissing it.  

As in - right now having the experience of it.   

Describe it in emotional terms.  "It feels free and fun.  It feels easy.  I feel successful.  Successful feels prosperous.  Success feels like choices and possibilities. Choices and possibilities feel exciting and expansive.  I feel proud.  I feel zealous. I feel excited."  

Go on...keep delving into how it feels.  There's no right or wrong way to do this. Just go for the feeling of it.   

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How Do You Like Me Now?

No matter who you are, you’re “in relationship” with someone. 

That can be someone you're living with, in a romantic relationship with, a friend, a relative, an employee, a boss, co-worker, a child or even your dog.  It can also be the people you mingle with in traffic, at the store, restaurant, or bar.  

And certainly yourself.  

The way to good relationships is not by pointing out faults or by putting attention on the things that bother you.  Neither is a good relationship cultivated by needing the person you’re in relationship with to change or to be different than they are.  

What you focus on expands and what you think about becomes your reality whether you like it or not.  

If you want things to be different, it’s up to you to focus differently.  

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There's No Peace In Struggle

Seven years ago, when the process of delivering our daughter Franki began, I befriended nature and went with the evolution of it.

As the hours passed with little or no progress, I braced myself forcefully against the physical sensations (aka excruciating pain) and the more I resisted what-was, the worse it seemed.

I thought, "This business of having natural childbirth is not for me" (which is likely why I ended up in the hospital having an emergency C-section.  But that's another story).  

Somewhere along this journey of childbirth, I became aware that no matter how much I tensed against it, THIS WAS HAPPENING.  The only thing I could attempt to do was to make peace with the process of the inevitable.  

This baby was coming no matter how I approached it.   

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The Universe Doesn't Care If You Say Please

“Can you bring me my milk”?  my daughter Franki asks as I’m doing dinner prep.  

I respond with, “Soon honey”.  

What feels like seconds later, Franki checks in again with, “Can you please bring me my milk”?  (She thinks that saying please will speed-up the process).  

Again, I reply with, “Soon honey”.  

“But I said, “please”, Franki responded.    

“I heard you the first time, luv”, I reply.

Now imagine that you’re the one repeatedly asking the question, “Can you bring me (fill-in-the-blank-for-that-thing-you-want)”, while the Universe is the one responding with, “I heard you the first time, luv”. 

When you "ask" for anything - whether you speak it out-loud, mumble it under your breath, write it down, or have an experience that evokes a desire within you - the Universe says, “Yes!  The milk is on it's way.  Your request has been heard and is being fulfilled."  

The Universe doesn’t care if you say please.

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I stand among you beautiful human souls,

You...of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds.

And I love you. 


I want nothing from you.

You...your presence is enough.

And I love you.

All I your beauty. 

I bask.

And I love you.

I look into your eyes, into the depths of your soul.

It’s not demons that I see.

Only magnificence.

You...the raw truth.

And I love you.

What you perceive as flaws, shames or defeat,

Are what make you beautiful – beauty marks and power lines.

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The World Isn't Supposed To Be Just Like You

What a mom believes is love for her child is ridiculous over- indulgence to you.

What you think is easy and manageable may be hard and unmanageable to someone else.  

What your normal is, is extremely weird to another.  

What you believe to be an appropriate and timely way to respond to emails is a distraction and splitting of focus to another.

What you think is organized is someone else’s version of chaos.

What scatter-brained is to you may be creativity to another.

What over-ripe banana is to you may be perfectly sweet and delicious to someone else.

What you consider ho-hum boring and downright uninspiring could be stimulating and fascinating to another.  

What you consider to be late and inconsiderate may be a cultural norm and respectful for someone else.

What you perceive as forward and pushy may be an expression of appreciation to another.

What is a necessity for you may be overindulgence to someone else.

What someone else describes as luxury may be pickings and slim-seconds to you.

What someone else describes as real accomplishment and productivity may be one hour’s worth of focus in your world.

What someone else believes to be the most beautiful place on the planet, is hell-on-water to you.

What's old and wrinkled to someone else may be beauty and power combined to you.

The world isn’t supposed to be just like you. 

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