The World Isn't Supposed To Be Just Like You

What a mom believes is love for her child is ridiculous over- indulgence to you.

What you think is easy and manageable may be hard and unmanageable to someone else.  

What your normal is, is extremely weird to another.  

What you believe to be an appropriate and timely way to respond to emails is a distraction and splitting of focus to another.

What you think is organized is someone else’s version of chaos.

What scatter-brained is to you may be creativity to another.

What over-ripe banana is to you may be perfectly sweet and delicious to someone else.

What you consider ho-hum boring and downright uninspiring could be stimulating and fascinating to another.  

What you consider to be late and inconsiderate may be a cultural norm and respectful for someone else.

What you perceive as forward and pushy may be an expression of appreciation to another.

What is a necessity for you may be overindulgence to someone else.

What someone else describes as luxury may be pickings and slim-seconds to you.

What someone else describes as real accomplishment and productivity may be one hour’s worth of focus in your world.

What someone else believes to be the most beautiful place on the planet, is hell-on-water to you.

What's old and wrinkled to someone else may be beauty and power combined to you.

What someone else finds soul-filling and rewarding may be lazy and a waste-of-time to you.

What someone else finds weak is strength and confidence to you.

What's fashionable to one is downright ugly and despicable to another.

There are as many perspectives as there are people in this universe…about everything. 

If all of the apples aren’t the same at the grocery store, if a restaurant offers several choices on a menu or if there are different colors in a rainbow - do you get mad about that?

The world isn’t supposed to be just like you. 

Not everyone believes what you do, or has the standards or morals that you do. 

Diversity in people and perspectives are as desirable as options on the car lot, variety in the supermarket or alternatives at a restaurant. 

Don’t ask the world to change.   

Don’t hold someone else in charge of how you feel. 

Don’t let their business be yours, even if you disagree with their approach or view on life. 

What you’re judging and having an emotional response to is about you and your interpretation of it; keep it about you and don’t make them the culprit. 

You could ask yourself these questions:

1)      How’s this about me?

2)      What’s being amplified within me in terms of how this makes me feel?

3)     How do I prefer to feel?

4)      Can I be easier in my approach to this?  Do I need everyone to be and think just like me?

5)     Is there anything I can like/appreciate/enjoy/be fascinated with about this person?

You can’t know for sure what another person wants or what it means to them.  

You can’t know for sure the life they’ve lived, the troubles they’ve experienced, or their unique and individual perspectives that have been born. 

You can choose what you want, who and how you want to be in the world you live in...just don’t ask anyone else to be that for you.