Things. Are. Good. Now.

No matter how it looks, there's value in what you're living right now. 

You could "learn" from it if you want to, but there's no "lesson" you need to draw from this; there's no "lesson" assigned to you by God, the Universe or Santa.

The value in it is to cause your expansion and within that, to ask more questions, make clearer decisions about who you arewhat you want and to discover your personal power to create your reality.   

There's opportunity here for you to know and understand more deeply something you've been wanting to know and understand.  

There isn't anything that you live that isn’t of value to you.

The value is there.  It's up to you to choose it.  

If instead you choose to compare your current situation with what used to be, or what you think should be, you don't give yourself an opening to appreciate the goodness and insights in the what-is; neither do you allow more of the flow of what you want into your experience.  

Liken it to comparing an apple to an orange and wishing the apple were more like the orange.  Sort of a silly idea, right?  

Why not just enjoy the apple for what it is….an apple.  

The apple is different from the orange, but you don’t spend much time wishing the apple were an orange.

...Do you?  

Ok, so maybe you accept that it's an apple and not an orange, but you still don't want it to be (or don't want to let it be) the apple that you’ve got for now.   So instead of comparing it to an orange, you compare it to other apples you’ve had before or the the apples that you want that you don't have.  

What if the apple you've got is perfect for you in your evolution of where you are?  

This could be (is) the best damn apple you could have…right now.   

You’re not making a comparison of what it should be, that you’ve had better ones before, or that this one isn’t as tasty, sweet or firm as the other apples.  Doing that diminishes your present moment and what you could be reaping from it now. 

You can accept what-is, choosing to see it as a good thing (and as noted above harvest the benefits) or you can rail against it - complaining, comparing and blaming.

Two choices. 

Which one feels best?

Which do you think is more beneficial to you?

Which one has you feeling a sense of appreciation and power - knowing that everything you create is *for* you - not "against" you?

If you can come to feel there’s benefit wherever you are on your journey (if you allow it), you can experience the satisfaction and enjoyment now without needing the circumstances to change.

Why hold-out on the pleasure factor for the perfect circumstances?

Your journey can be a happy one along the way to more unfolding for you.  

Why not choose your mood and attitude and enjoy the ride?  Only more good can come from that.  

You can't struggle or suffer your way to anything good.

Why wait for the best (or the better) apple when you can enjoy the one you have? (Which is the only one you have...for now).  

There’s potential for value, joy, fulfillment, meaning and fun every step along the way and there’s no need for the conditions (or the apple) to be perfect before you experience all of that.  

Where you are is perfect and always evolving.

Things.  Are.  Good.  Now.  

Right here.  Right now.  It's all you've got.  

A life lived in constant affirmation of the perfection of what is, is an amazing life.  

There’s something you can appreciate about the apple you have now...

And I bet if you decide to look for it, you’ll discover it.