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What's That Supposed to Mean?

"What are you making it mean?"

Sounds like a simple question.  What I'm referring to are the meanings you link to experiences and events in your life that you use to define who you are or are not; who others are or are not; and what the world is or is not.  

Meanings involve what you're capable or incapable of and what possibilities or improbabilities lie before you.  Meanings interweave with your beliefs and expectations.  

So how bound are you to those meanings?  

When someone says something to you in that tone of voice - what do you make it mean about you, or about them?  You might make it mean you did something wrong, they're an idiot, they're in a bad mood, or that you're responsible for how they feel.  

When you get (or don't get) something you want - what do you make it mean?  You might make it mean that it's your doing, or someone else's.  Maybe it's just luck, random, coincidence or that this one-time or every time things go your way? Or maybe it's that things don't ever go your way (or rarely do) and that it's someone else's fault you didn't get what you want?

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What You Can Start Doing Now to Pre-Pave for 2017

This will be my last post for 2016.  As I thought about what to write - coupled with my desire to be of value and to provide you with ways to live a good-feeling life - I decided to offer you some ways to start intending and implementing now, ways to align with the true essence of who-you-are.  

When you align with your true essence, it's like you - getting out-of-the-way.  

It's like you - letting the door(s) open for you.  

It's like you - laying on an inner-tube in the water and letting it float you.  


When you make it harder than it needs to be, when you struggle, justify, try to prove, argue for your limitations, look for the worst, look for problems, let things bother you, feel like you don't deserve it, compare yourself to others or get into a habit of thinking about things that don't feel good - that's like you shading yourself from the good that's already there - or closing the door to the opportunities that are lined-up for you.  

I want you to live a good life - that means feeling good and having the things and the experiences that you want.  

Alignment is key to all of it and here are some ways to promote that:

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How Tired Are You?

Are you tired of being broke?

Tired of being in a relationship that's more trouble than it's worth?

Tired of things being blown out of proportion?

Tired of working at a mediocre meaningless job that you don't like?

Tired of the struggle?

Tired of feeling like you're always fixing "broken" things about yourself and others?

Tired of feeling frustrated, rejected, told what to do?

Good.  Because being tired of something means you're just about ready to change your perspective.  

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Feeling Trumped?

The only thing you can do is to soothe yourself.

The only thing you can do is to find a way to feel better about it.

The only thing you can do in this moment is reach for a different and better-feeling perspective.

Why would you ever bother to find a way to feel better about something that doesn't seem like there's anything to feel good about?  

Because, "Why would you keep holding on to a perspective that doesn't feel good to you and creates fear or a sense of disempowerment within you?"  

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The Trappings of "I'll Be Happy When"...

I'll be happy when I lose this extra 5, 10 15 or more lbs.

I'll be happy when my body feels better. 

I'll be happy when my hair is longer.

I'll be happy when I look different than I do. 

I'll be happy when I get the recognition I deserve.

I'll be happy when I get a better job.

I'll be happy when my kid gets through this phase.

I'll be happy when I get a divorce.

I'll be happy when I have a boyfriend/girlfriend or love of my life.

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Happiness Is Like...

Happiness is like peeing your pants.  Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth. 

The point is, only you can feel what you’re feeling; no one else can.  And only you create the feeling for yourself; no else does it for you.

Others can observe your manifestations, but only you know how it feels to you

How you feel is at the heart of any creation.  

How you feel (or how you want to feel) is why you want all things that you want.  

And also why you don’t want the things you don’t want.  

You want what you want because you’ve attached (or associated with it) a feeling that you believe you'll get you as a result of having it.  ie., "If I have this, or if this happens, I'll feel like (fill in the blank)."  

So when you think about what you want, try identifying how you think you would feel if you were living it, having it, driving it, or kissing it.  

As in - right now having the experience of it.   

Describe it in emotional terms.  "It feels free and fun.  It feels easy.  I feel successful.  Successful feels prosperous.  Success feels like choices and possibilities. Choices and possibilities feel exciting and expansive.  I feel proud.  I feel zealous. I feel excited."  

Go on...keep delving into how it feels.  There's no right or wrong way to do this. Just go for the feeling of it.   

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You flip one off to someone because they cut you off in traffic...WTF?

Your kid is doing exActly what you asked him not-to-do...WTF?

You didn't get the job you were sure you’d get…WTF?

Your clients are asking you to discount your rates...WTF?

Your sales are down and you've got no money in the bank...WTF?

You end up in the hospital when you thought you were doing so well...WTF?

Your boyfriend broke up with you when you thought you were on-track to get married...WTF?

You're 40, single and still haven't met the person you want to partner with...WTF?


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The Power of Dancing Naked and Letting Go

I danced naked on the sidewalk.  Ran circles around my naked daughter, Franki.    

Let’s back up a little….

We’d just finished swimming and had come inside to dry off.  I stripped my bathing suit, wrapping a towel around me.  Franki, bottoms off, top on, said she was cold, so I suggested she take her wet top off and wrap a towel around her as I had. 

As we walked toward our front porch to hang our suits up to dry, she threw her towel and exclaimed, “Let’s have a naked dance party”!!

I laughed and answered, “Sure, go ahead”!  (As in, "You can if you want to, but I'm not doing that.")

Spontaneous dance parties aren't unheard of around here but me dancing naked is.  

This gal was determined to get that towel off of me and get me dancing.   

“Come on, mama...let’s do it!!!!”, she excitedly exclaimed.  

No neighbors within sight.  No sound of vehicles coming up our long gravel driveway; six-foot-high ornamental grasses surrounding me - offering cover, and yet, I hesitated as my eyes darted left, then right and off into the distance.  

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Let The Things You Didn't Plan Unleash You

Several weeks ago while on our way to get ice cream, my daughter and I found ourselves slam-dunk in the middle of a very long traffic jam.  There was little or no movement and no way of knowing how long we’d be there. 

When we set out on our journey, I hadn’t planned on idling for two hours on the freeway en-route to ice-creamy deliciousness that was just-a-short-distance away.  Neither did I plan on Franki (my daughter) having to pee during this extended standstill.  What to do?  

No toilet in sight.  No movement forward.  No way to pull off the side of the road.

This little event was not planned…..


I didn’t plan on my mother leaving when I was a young child.

I didn’t plan on divorcing my husband of 15 years, moving to another country and ending up in Pennsylvania.  

I didn’t plan on getting pregnant, having a child, or having a girl.  (I really thought I'd be more suited to having a boy). 

I didn't plan on have an emergency c-section (I had a home birth planned)!

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