There's No Peace In Struggle

Seven years ago, when the process of delivering our daughter Franki began, I befriended nature and went with the evolution of it.

As the hours passed with little or no progress, I braced myself forcefully against the physical sensations (aka excruciating pain).  The more I resisted what-was, the worse it seemed.

I thought, "This business of having natural childbirth is not for me" (which is likely why I ended up in the hospital having an emergency C-section.  But that's another story).  

Somewhere along this journey of childbirth, I became aware that no matter how much I tensed against it, THIS WAS HAPPENING.  The only thing I could attempt to do was to make peace with the process of the inevitable.  

This baby was coming no matter how I approached it.   

What making peace meant for me was giving up the struggle against what was transpiring. 

It meant not trying to rush it, change it, make it go away, or make it stop.

It meant...letting it be as it is.

In the absence of struggle, you allow things to fall into place.    

In the absence of struggle, you can find peace, let go of the illusion of control and ride the waves of the current already in-place.

There's no peace in struggle.  

Where you are in any moment is a viable and important step along the journey that you’re on.  It doesn't mean you've made a misstep or a mistake and it doesn't mean that something's gone horribly wrong.  

You have the ability to discover things about yourself and about life that you would never have known so intimately or understood so well if what-is wasn't happening.

When you compare where you are and what-is to how you thought it was “supposed to be", that becomes your focus, which is resistant.  If you can live in what-is and find the benefits of where you are, life can be an endless journey of experiences that consistently please you more and more because you decided that where you are is right and that all is well. 

Comparison stifles your ability to see what's good right where you are.  

So when you’re facing what-is, there are always two choices: you can struggle (resist or push against it) or you can make peace with it and see it as a good thing on your way to more good things and more pleasing life experiences.  

No matter how it looks, within every situation that you've experienced, are experiencing or will experience, are answers to questions you've been asking.  

What-is is always a starting point to more of your journey that could continually reveal itself in satisfying ways.    

It’s all perceptual and the perspective that you choose will determine what more is yet to come.