You Can't Google That Shit

Imagine….the very best personal assistant completing every one of your requests and fulfilling all of your desires.  

This assistant of yours knows Everything you’ve ever wanted and has the networks, connections, resources, means, and the know-how to bring it all together.  

Your assistant is also aware of how all of the pieces fit together, exactly where you need to go, who you need to talk to, and what needs to be combined for you to have everything you dream of having in order to live the life that you want for yourself. 

This assistant is equipped with the best memory; receiving and remembering every request you’ve made and has intimate knowledge of everyone of your preferences and nuances since the day you were born (and before) and has access to everything there is to be known.  (It's way better than Google). 

Your assistant is the most efficient, reliable, resourceful, connected assistant you could ever envision. There’s nothing this assistant can’t do. 

Now picture your cell phone.  Imagine that to communicate with you, your assistant texts you every minute of every day, providing you with information about where to go, who to talk to, what to do, what to think about, what you need to know and what to say. 

Sucks for you if your phone is off.  

If your phone is off, even though your assistant is texting you this invaluable information, you’re just a power button away from having everything you want.

Now, imagine that the assistant we've been talking about is the Universe, the cell phone is you and you've turned your power button on. 

You turn it on by appreciating, complimenting, praising, loving, having fun, playing, being interested in something, doing something you love, laughing….yes, you turn it on by feeling good. 

You turn it off when you worry, criticize, make the worst of it, get angry, feel sad, discouraged, useless, not good-enough and anything in-between.  

When you turn your power button off, you get impatient.  You think your assistant is next-to-useless and you want to fire her ass because you believe she's not doing her job. 

But, she’s doing everything you requested, it’s just that you’re not on the receiving end of the texts she’s sending you.  Power on or power off, the texts are coming with all the information you want, but to receive that information, the power must be on. 

The Universe is constantly sending you "texts", in the form of guidance, in the form of inspiration...guiding you, and calling you toward what you’ve told the Universe that you want.

You’re constantly honing your wants and preferences as you live your life, and the Universe (your assistant) is wholeheartedly committed to assisting you and organizing everything for the realization of your requests.  

In as many moments as there are in a day, things are lined up for you to have the best experience, to see the most beautiful sunset, to meet the funnest people, and to make those connections that facilitate you on your journey. 

Those great ideas you get?  That person you're inspired to call?  That person you just met? That impulse you have to go to the grocery store, the party, the meeting, the beach or to swim with the dolphins?  

That's you having your cell phone on.  

Your assistant is working for you and is doing her best to get through to you.  

All.  The.  Time. 

Your job is to turn that cell phone on….

You've gotta feel good to get those messages.

You can't Google that shit.