The Universe Doesn't Care If You Say Please

“Can you bring me my milk”?  my daughter Franki asks as I’m doing dinner prep.  

I respond with, “Soon honey”.  

What feels like seconds later, Franki checks in again with, “Can you please bring me my milk”?  (She thinks that saying please will speed-up the process).  

Again, I reply with, “Soon honey”.  

“But I said, “please, Franki responded.    

“I heard you the first time, luv”, I reply.

Now imagine that you’re the one repeatedly asking the question, “Can you bring me (fill-in-the-blank-for-that-thing-you-want)”, while the Universe is the one responding with, “I heard you the first time, luv”. 

When you "ask" for anything - whether you speak it out-loud, mumble it under your breath, write it down, or have an experience that evokes a desire within you - the Universe says, “Yes!  The milk is on it's way.  Your request has been heard and is being fulfilled."  

The Universe doesn’t care if you say please.

Use every sweet word you like, but if you feel impatient, irritated or discouraged that your milk hasn't shown up; if you're begging, pleading or needing - "Where's my milk?  I don't see my milk.  I asked for it a long time ago.  I guess I don't deserve that milk.  When's it gonna come? Somebody needs to get-on that right now.  I need my milk and it's not here yet, it's not here yet, it's not here yet.  Why is it taking so looooooong?"  

You repel the thing(s) you want by noticing the absence of them.  You repulse the thing(s) you want as you repeatedly ask for them because you're consistently acknowledging that what you want isn't here yet, isn't here yet, isn't here yet - which means that what you're attracting into your experience is that "it's not here yet."  

The Universe responds to what you meannot to the words you use.  Which is to say that what you "mean" is how you feel about it and how you feel points out where the bulk of your attention is, which is your point of attraction regarding the subject.  

What you say doesn't matter.  You're attracting into your life the equivalent of how you feel.

If you pay attention to how you feel when you use your words, you’ll know what you mean and you'll understand why you're attracting what you're getting (or not getting in this case). 

Or, decide how you want to feel and then use the words that match the feeling(s).

Words are more for your benefit than for the Universe's. 

Words are more to align you with what you want - to help you believe it.  The Universe acknowledged you the moment you had the desire.  

You can’t cover up with words how you feel - the Universe is never fooled by them.

Doubt, worry, discouragement, complaining, impatience, or criticizing those who have the thing(s) you want, assure the absence of what you want.  Those emotions don't feel anything like what your desire feels like.  If you feel expectant to have what you want in good-time, you feel eager, patient, anticipation, chill, positive, or feelings within that range.    

When you go to bed at night, do you expect your head to be where you last left it? Do you keep checking to be sure it's still there?  Do you keep asking for it to be where you want it?  

Or, do you generally go to sleep and expect your head to be there in the morning? ;)

When you expect to have something you want (or when you feel certainty, confidence, or knowing) you don't keep checking or stressing.  You accept that it-is and you move-on.

If there's something you want that "isn't here yet" you've got to find a way to soothe yourself and make it's absence irrelevant to make-way for feeling expectant of it coming to fruition in the perfect time, space and place.   

When something you want isn't coming, pay attention to the proclivity of your thoughts around it.  

How do you feel when you think about it?

Can you feel better about it?  

Can you soothe yourself a little?  

Can you worry less, doubt less, or feel slightly more hopeful?  And then slightly more hopeful?  And then more hopeful still until you find yourself not doubting-at-all and instead...knowing?

Can you distract yourself from noticing you don't have it (yet) and notice more what you do have that you do want? (which helps you put less attention on what's not there - which means your point of attraction changes). 

All of your requests are received instantaneously by the Universe because it hears what you feel and knows what you mean, regardless of what you're saying.

What you want, is already in-the-works.  Feel for it's done-ness.  

Feel as if you have it now even when you don't yet.  

Your head is on, your milk is ready to drink. 

All that’s left to complete the picture is for you to expect it. 

"I heard you the first time, luv".