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It's All You

Most people go through life feeling like it’s more or less random.  

Might that be you?

You’re managing, sure.  You’ve got a pretty good handle on most things –– you get up in the morning and have your beverage of choice, go to work, interfacing with mostly the same people, doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, hit repeat and do it again tomorrow.  You do all the right things, mostly, and so everything works, mostly.

All well and good, until...

You launch that product or service you thought was really great, and it totally flops.

Your in-laws just. won’t. change. those super annoying habits.

The government, hhmm, shall we say, Trump?...does something that feels out of your hands.

The control you’ve asserted in the past, worked.

The control you’re trying to assert now, doesn’t.

Wtf gives?

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Your Thoughts Are Like Seeds

Your thoughts are like seeds.  Every time you think them, it's like adding fertilizer to them.

Plant a seed, it grows.  

Think a thought longer, you're fertilizing it and it's growing even more.

Want an apple tree?  Plant an apple seed.  

Want tomatoes?  Plant tomato seeds.

Want asparagus? 

 ...You get the picture.  

If you want asparagus but plant corn, you're going to get corn.

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On Death, Dying and Living

Death touches us all. 

None of us can be born without experiencing what we call death.  

Not one of us will escape it.

The reality of it is provided for us within our family, friends, neighbors and strangers worldwide.  Often, the fear and sense of loss is perpetuated amongst us with the perspective that once we're dead, we are - for the most part - gone.

With the very recent transition of my mother-in-law, (lovingly called Gram), I wanted to pause and contemplate the idea of death, life and the thereafter once again.  

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How Tired Are You?

Are you tired of being broke?

Tired of being in a relationship that's more trouble than it's worth?

Tired of things being blown out of proportion?

Tired of working at a mediocre meaningless job that you don't like?

Tired of the struggle?

Tired of feeling like you're always fixing "broken" things about yourself and others?

Tired of feeling frustrated, rejected, told what to do?

Good.  Because being tired of something means you're just about ready to change your perspective.  

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Things Are Always Working Out for You

Things don't always go according to your plan.

Sometimes it seems like life comes in and f*cks things up.

There are plenty of reasons for you to feel disappointed.

There are plenty of reasons you can find to beat yourself up.

There are plenty of reasons you can find that affirm that things are going wrong.

And you'd be justified for all of it.  

You thought you'd be much "farther along" than you find yourself to be at this age or stage in life,

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The Trappings of "I'll Be Happy When"...

I'll be happy when I lose this extra 5, 10 15 or more lbs.

I'll be happy when my body feels better. 

I'll be happy when my hair is longer.

I'll be happy when I look different than I do. 

I'll be happy when I get the recognition I deserve.

I'll be happy when I get a better job.

I'll be happy when my kid gets through this phase.

I'll be happy when I get a divorce.

I'll be happy when I have a boyfriend/girlfriend or love of my life.

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Everything Is Never As It Seems

Perspective is everything.  

It’s the difference between feeling good and feeling bad.  

Perspective can make you trust or doubt.  

Perspective can make you expect good things to unfold for you, or it can make you expect things to go wrong.  

Perspective can make you feel like a failure, or it can make you feel good, worthy and perfect just the way you are.  

Perspective can re-write your past into one that was just as it should have been and create your future into one that's full of joy, meaning, and richness.  

So when I say “Everything is never as it seems”, I mean that your perspective in the moment determines your interpretation of your reality.  The same state or condition can be interpreted as one that's benefiting you or one that's to your detriment; but the condition or situation is the same.  

It’s your interpretation of it that determines the meaning and the outcome.  


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11 Ways To Ignite More Positive Thoughts

Just as you can go far and wide online, your mind also has the ability to go to all sorts of places. 

The difference is, you often manage the places you go online with more intention than you do your thoughts. 

Sometimes you let your thoughts go in all sorts of directions for no other reason than it’s what you always do.  It's a habit.  

The more you think about anything, the easier it gets to keep thinking about it in the same ole', same ole' way.  

Your thoughts attract not only what you're thinking about but also more thoughts similar to the ones you're thinking.  

Thank you, Law of Attraction.  

So if you're thinking about something (which makes it easier to think more thoughts like it) how do you get out of the loop of similar thoughts if you don't like the thoughts you're thinking?  (was that a brain-twister of a sentence, or what?)

One way is to make a decision that you’re going to think only if what you're thinking about feels good.  Any subject that doesn’t feel good when you're broaching it, you don't think about. (ie...politics anyone???).  

Another approach is to feel good and then think.  When you feel good, you're more likely to think about stuff in a way that matches-up with the good-feeling you have.  If you feel good and stumble upon a thought that doesn't feel good, for the time being, get off the subject. Getting off the subject when it doesn't feel good is like jumping off the train before it crashes. That's a good thing.  

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