Happiness Is Like...

Happiness is like peeing your pants.  Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth. 

The point is, only you can feel what you’re feeling; no one else can.  And only you create the feeling for yourself; no else does it for you.

Others can observe your manifestations, but only you know how they feel to you

How you feel (or how you want to feel) is why you want all the things that you want.  

You want what you want because you’ve attached (or associated with it) a feeling that you believe you'll get as a result of having it.  ie., "If I have this, or if this happens, I'll feel like (fill in the blank)."  

So when you think about what you want, try identifying how you think you would feel if you were living it, having it, driving it, or kissing it.  

As in - imagine you're having that experience right now, by feeling it now.  

Describe it in emotional terms.  "It feels free and fun.  It feels easy.  I feel successful.  Successful feels prosperous.  Success feels like choices and possibilities. Choices and possibilities feel exciting and expansive.  I feel proud.  I feel zealous. I feel excited."  

Go on...keep delving into how it feels.  There's no right or wrong way to do this. Just go for the feeling of it.   

Find the emotions, describe and explore them – because at the heart of everything you want are feelings and no matter how many feelings you come up with, at the epicenter of those feelings, is happiness.  

Being happy encompasses all of those feelings and is the reason why you want anything.  

...How you feel is at the heart of any creation.  


When you find yourself not wanting something, if you were to stop and feel about it, you'd discover that you're also associating emotions to what you don't want.  ie., "If this unwanted thing happens, I'll feel (fill in the blank).   Or, "This has already happened and I felt (or I'm feeling right now) (fill in the blank)." 

You believe that the circumstance will cause the emotion.

You think you fear the circumstance, but...

You fear the emotion more than you fear the circumstance. 

When you acknowledge that within everything you want and everything you don’t want is a feeling that you want or feelings that you want to avoid, you create an opportunity to explore the happiness or address those emotions you’re trying to avoid and soothe them into a better-feeling place.  

You don't have to recoil from anything.

Teaching yourself that you can handle and direct how you feel no matter what the conditions are, is the power you were born with.

Every manifestation that you're living now began with a feeling.  

Every manifestation that you will live begins with a feeling.  

Feeling it now lets you know that the experience of it in your reality is on it's way.

Improving how you feel if you feel bad about something lets you know that you've changed your feeling experience now as well as what's going to be your future manifested reality.  

You don’t have to hold out for the manifestations of the things you want before you can feel the good-feelings (happiness) you associate with those wanted experiences.

You don't have to fear unwanted things nor resist the emotions you associate with those things because you can always guide your feelings into a better-feeling place. 

You can find a way to feel good and feel the warmth – and you don’t need to pee your pants to do it.