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Complacency is not your strong suit. Independence and freedom are. 

You’d likely say that you want control of the design of your life––but control isn't necessarily what you're after—what you really want is mastery and resonance.

Mastery of focus, mastery of your vibe, and mastery of emotions.  

You care about how you feel and you like being in-charge of your evolution.

You’re no longer willing to default through your life—

You want to create on-purpose.

You're committed to your vision and being the best you can be, and you also understand that you have filters through which you view (and live) your life, that aren’t quite up-to-speed with the life you want.  

Your spidey senses tell you there's more of you than what you see, and more possibilities for you to achieve than what you may currently be experiencing.  

You know you want a mindset that keeps you moving forward and tuned to your intuition.

You have stuff and you want more stuff, and there are plenty of things that are important to you, but in addition to that, you want meaning and purpose reaching beyond what you’ve accomplished.

You may want to change the world or make it a better place—what you want matters.

You lead. You don't follow. You make your own path.


You've got what it takes. You just need to know how to tune into your power.


I’m Christine Meyer, and I help successful, influential, passionate thought-leaders fearlessly create their life through a masterful understanding of their own empowerment.

This coaching is about you hooking-in to your power. It’s about motion-forward and drawing you into a resonant place so you can be ready for what you want. It’s about achieving the mastery of energy alignment rather than banging around in struggle.  

It’s not about fixing things that are seemingly broken (including you, because you’re not broken)—it’s about you tuning into your soul so you can lead the adventurous, fun, aligned and inspired life you want to live. I’m a life coach, but in the 16+ years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve also been described as a thought coach, a transcendence coach, a chiropractor for the soul and a chiropractor of reality. Call it what you want, what I do is “adjust” you through a skilled combination of teaching, deep listening, and guiding. I lead you to the expert of you - which is you. I present intricate information in simple and practical ways. The pace is based on you, your energy and the balance of your desires to your beliefs. The results are life changing as you implement a new approach to being and experiencing your world. I know there are lots of things that matter to you, and I know you can have what you want. Life is simple, there’s no reason to make it more complicated than it has to be. 


So if you:

Have always had a sense that there’s a different way to approach life, but you’re not really sure what that looks like...

Want to know what creating your reality is...

Have done the things, got the stuff, had the successes, and now are ready for mastery and much, much more...

Find out how to work with me here.


There’s not one right way to live life. There’s your way to live your life.


Want to know more about who I am…

I’m a freedom seeker, and I’d rather follow my own path than follow someone else’s. I have a strong sense of independence coupled with a desire to know my power to create my life. I like depth and subtleties, nuances and precision when it comes to people, thoughts, behaviors and the universe at-large. From a very young age, I questioned who I was and what life was all about, and in perfect response to my asking, I’ve been receiving those answers since. I once thought I was “broken” and went in hot-pursuit to fix myself, only to discover I wasn’t broken in the first place. I followed many career paths, including and not limited to banking, real estate, personal training and interior design. I thought I wanted to be a psychologist but then again, I also secretly wanted to be a race car driver. One common thread throughout, has always been my commitment to my freedom. It’s never been about giving anything up so I could have something else—it’s always been about choice and knowing that freedom is the foundation of who I am. I know that mastery of anything includes the understanding that mastery is never done—there’s always more to discover, live and know. I know that you can live your life on your terms, by design or by default. I also know that it’s way more satisfying to do it by design rather than by default.

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