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It's All You

Most people go through life feeling like it’s more or less random.  

Might that be you?

You’re managing, sure.  You’ve got a pretty good handle on most things –– you get up in the morning and have your beverage of choice, go to work, interfacing with mostly the same people, doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, hit repeat and do it again tomorrow.  You do all the right things, mostly, and so everything works, mostly.

All well and good, until...

You launch that product or service you thought was really great, and it totally flops.

Your in-laws just. won’t. change. those super annoying habits.

The government, hhmm, shall we say, Trump?...does something that feels out of your hands.

The control you’ve asserted in the past, worked.

The control you’re trying to assert now, doesn’t.

Wtf gives?

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