How Tired Are You?

Are you tired of being broke?

Tired of being in a relationship that feels like it's more trouble than it's worth?

Tired of being single?

Tired of things being blown out of proportion?

Tired of working at a mediocre meaningless job that you don't like?

Tired of the struggle?

Tired of feeling like you're always fixing "broken" things about yourself and others?

Tired of feeling worried, frustrated, rejected, angry, told what to do?

Good.  Because feeling tired of something means you're just about ready to change your perspective.  

It means you're just about ready to change how you feel.  

It means that the improvement(s) you're looking for (and want) are done and they're on the other side of the different perspective door.    

They're on the side of feeling better about the reality you're living and allowing the reality that you prefer to be owned by you.

The improvements you're looking for aren't that far away.  They don't have to take that long to be your real experience.

The door is open.  

All it takes is for you to walk through it with your new perspective.  


ps...You didn't have to let yourself get so tired before you changed your perspective and let it all in.