It's All You

Most people go through life feeling like it’s more or less random.  

Might that be you?

You’re managing, sure.  You’ve got a pretty good handle on most things –– you get up in the morning and have your beverage of choice, go to work, interfacing with mostly the same people, doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, hit repeat and do it again tomorrow.  You do all the right things, mostly, and so everything works, mostly.

All well and good, until...

You launch that product or service you thought was really great, and it totally flops.

Your in-laws just. won’t. change. those super annoying habits.

The government, hhmm, shall we say, Trump?...does something that feels out of your hands.

The control you’ve asserted in the past, worked.

The control you’re trying to assert now, doesn’t.

Wtf gives?

Is life just truly random?


It’s all you, cupcakes.

Popular logic goes, “Things go well because I control, ummm, I mean, manage them.”

But if one thing goes sideways, my control is flawed, and its existence is at risk, so now I have to overcompensate and try harder and control more.  (Which looks like micromanaging, whining, bullying, stressing ... you name it.)

Isn’t that exhausting?  I know I ‘m exhausted just thinking about it.  

“But what’s the alternative?”, you ask.  Great question, thanks for asking it.

It’s giving up the idea that you need to (or can) control everything, and start understanding that you create everything.

Everything comes from you, not at you.

Everything is for you, not against you.

What you think consistently and how you feel consistently become your reality.

How you feel lets you know what you’re right now, in the process of creating.

Your thoughts evolve into manifested matter.

Which at first sounds kind of throat gripping, sweat enhancing, backed-into-a-corner blame. “What do you mean, I’m the one doing these things to myself?!”, you shout as you set your hands firmly on your hips.

Yeah ... I know, but stick with me.  This knowledge puts you in the driver’s seat that you’ve always been-in, but now you know it.  This is actually a good thing. Your thoughts are like magnets, inviting equivalent experiential matches towards them. The essence of that which you think about consistently becomes, manifests, and is your life.  

You’re doing the creating.  You’re doing the attracting.  

You think it into being.

Your life is showing you all the time what you think and how you feel. So if what’s playing out in your life feels crappy, you’ve been feeling crappy and thinking crappy feeling thoughts. If what’s playing out feels good, you’ve been feeling good and thinking good feeling thoughts. If you’re getting a little bit (or alot) of crap, and a little bit (or alot) of good, that lets you know your feelings and thoughts are all over the place. Your thoughts create your life, and your feelings let you know what you’re in the process of creating (didn’t I mention that already)? I did, but it’s worth mentioning it again. It’s right there for you to witness, and you’re right there doing it all...

Which means, that if you’re the one doing it, you can change it.  If it was someone or something else, you’d have to try to control it.

If you assign yourself the credit for your thoughts that lead to results, whether those results are wanted or not, you empower yourself, because now you know you’re in charge.  It’s not random, it never was. It’s not being “done to you”, it never was. When you assign the credit someplace else or to someone else, you’re at their “mercy”, whim or mood, and that feels powerless.

As you accept that what happens to you comes from you, therefore you do have total control, and as you decide to take credit for all things that involve you, including your response to everything, then your life in all it’s “randomness” becomes ... stable.

And solid, and sure. And, the more you direct your thoughts and feelings intentionally, it becomes fun. Joyous. Rewarding.  You start to feel empowered, knowing you have a totally open sandbox to play in and create whatever you want.  You no longer seek to control from the outside-in, because you now understand the control has always been from the inside-out through your thoughts and feelings.  

These shifts don’t happen overnight.  They happen gradually.

Your first step toward that is deciding that feeling good matters, and that it matters enough that you’re going to consciously choose thoughts that feel better, than worse.

You choose to feel better, little by little, about all things, and all things change to the theme and essence of your thoughts.

It’s all you.

Take the credit.