Your Thoughts Are Like Seeds

Your thoughts are like seeds.  Every time you think them, it's like adding fertilizer to them.

Plant a seed, it grows.  

Think a thought longer, you're fertilizing it and it's growing even more.

Want an apple tree?  Plant an apple seed.  

Want tomatoes?  Plant tomato seeds.

Want asparagus?

 ...You get the picture.  

If you want asparagus but plant corn, you're going to get corn.

Want to feel good?  Plant happy thoughts.

Want to feel bad?  Plant unhappy thoughts.

If you want more money but talk (and think) about not having enough money and what you can't afford and feel broke or discouraged - you're planting corn, not asparagus.  If you keep talking and thinking about it, you're adding more fertilizer and it's just going to grow bigger.

If you want to improve your relationship or if you want a relationship and you talk (and think) about the problems in your relationship or about the relationship that's missing and feel annoyed, angry or lonely - you're planting corn, not asparagus.  Every time you talk and think about it - you're fertilizing it. 

If you want to feel connection and you're talking and thinking about the ways you feel disconnected - you're planting corn.  How often are you fertilizing it?

You've got to talk and think about what you want and how it feels to have and live it more than feel, talk and think about what's missing, what you don't have, or what's bothering you.  

You don't get asparagus if you plant corn.

Simple.  It can't get any simpler than that.  

Every thought that you think becomes - if you think about it consistently or often. 

The seeds you're planting will develop and they'll always be a version of what you planted.