Everything Is Never As It Seems

Perspective is everything.  

It’s the difference between feeling good and feeling bad.  

Perspective can make you trust or doubt.  

Perspective can make you expect good things to unfold for you, or it can make you expect things to go wrong.  

Perspective can make you feel like a failure, or it can make you feel good, worthy and perfect just the way you are.  

Perspective can re-write your past into one that was just as it should have been and create your future into one that's full of joy, meaning, and richness.  

So when I say “Everything is never as it seems”, I mean that your perspective in the moment determines your interpretation of your reality.  The same state or condition can be interpreted as one that's benefiting you or one that's to your detriment; but the condition or situation is the same.  

It’s your interpretation of it that determines the meaning and the outcome.  

A thousand people could be reading this blog with each person having a different understanding because we all perceive through the lenses that we’ve created.  

When you drive through a town going one way you see things from that perspective.  When you turn around and come back through the same town but in the opposite direction, doesn’t it look different somehow, even though it’s the same town?  The same buildings are there, in the same location, but somehow, you see it differently.  

There’s nothing wrong with the perspective that you’re taking, the question is...

“Does the perspective that I’m choosing feel good”?  

and if not,

"Is there a better feeling perspective that I could have about this?"

When you reach for perspectives that allow you to feel good without needing anything to change in your experience, you show yourself your creative power.   

Otherwise, you’re holding yourself hostage to the conditions.  Which means you think you have to control more.

Nothing has to change for you to feel good.  

That thing that you “need” to change?... you want it to change because you believe you’d feel better if it did. 

Why holdout for the outcome before you feel good?

Why not feel good on the way to the outcome you want?

Why not find a perspective that soothes, relieves and feels good to you?  

When you do, you’re taking a short-cut to what you wanted, without conditionally holding out for the end-result.

You can change your perspective and feel good now.

Your creative power is now. 

You can decide to feel good anyway, without...

Needing or demanding people to be just-the-way-you-like-them-to-be,

Needing a situation to change or improve, 

Needing to have the numbers in your bank account be different, 

Needing your kids to change something they're doing, 

Needing your significant-other, mother, father, brother or friend to be different, 

Needing to change jobs,

Or needing your circumstances to change before you can feel better.  

Instead, you can find a perspective that feels better, and then find another perspective that feels a little better than that, and another and another until you make peace with where you are and with what-is.  

By doing that, you're making the most of your now.

There's no downside to feeling good and being positive.  

There is no destination; there are only journeys with every step along the way being a beginning to another journey.  

If you hold out until you get to where you think the journey ends (the outcome) before you change your perspective and feel better, you’re going to have a really crappy-feeling ride to a very mediocre destination.  

Everything you want is because you think it'll make you feel a certain way once you “get” it.  You’re using that thing as your reason to imagine that having it will make you feel fulfilled, happy, playful, complete, on-purpose, rich, abundant, satisfied, interested or (fill in the blank).  

If you shift your perspective (usually gradually) in any given situation, find a way to feel better rather than wait for some condition/person to change or improve, you’ll receive the benefit now of feeling better on the way to the outcome you want. 

Everything changes when your perspective changes.