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Can You Fake It Till You Make It?

Sometimes, our daughter will get this look on her face and she’ll act as if she’s really mad about something.  She would convince any movie director that she’s really mad - but she's not. She’s playing a role and acting it out; she's not feeling it - she's pretending to feel something she's not.  

Do you ever fake how you feel?  Like feeling happy when you're not?

Do you ever pretend to feel something you're not?  Like feeling abundant when you feel utterly broke?

Do you ever pretend to feel confident when you feel insecure?

Do you use the words that sound positive to try to cover up how you feel?

How often do you fake it for the sake of – looking good, not looking bad, hiding, ease, impressing someone - faking how you feel mostly because of the way it would look to someone else or because that's what you think you're supposed to do?

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One Month of Gratitude...Now What?

November's over and done-with.  You did the gratitude thing, declaring your daily appreciation on the FacePlace (FB), and maybe you felt more appreciation than you've felt all year. wasn't because of the month of November, it's because you put your attention on ways to appreciate the things that are a part of your daily life.  

One month of doing that gratitude stuff is fantastic and all fine and lovely...

What about the other 11 months of the year?

Where do you think you're at?

Do you think that you mostly appreciate?  

Or mostly don't?

How do you cultivate an attitude of appreciation?

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When Things Aren't Going Your Way...

Good.  For.  You. 

You read that right.  

Good.  For.  You. 

When you're not getting what you want, when it's not going your way or when you're in the middle of a sh*t-storm that you're blaming yourself or anyone else within sight for...

It's ok.  It really is ok.  

Whatever is manifesting in your life is evidence of how you were already feeling, so what's playing out - no matter how "out of the blue" it seems - is valuable information.  

It's not reason to beat yourself up; it's not reason to believe you're not good, smart, enlightened, deserving, special, or not-enough of anything.

It's not a testimonial to your un-worthiness.

It's just...validation.  Maybe not the kind you would say you want, but still - validation.

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Is Your Response to Life A Habit?

Your girlfriend doesn’t call you, and you feel rejected. 

You feel disrespected every time your spouse leaves the toilet seat up. 

You’re irritated when your kid doesn’t clean up her room. 

You feel judged when “that person” speaks to you in that tone of voice. 

You feel misunderstood because your dad still doesn’t understand you. 

You feel overwhelmed because emails keep filling your inbox. 

You feel powerless when you think the government isn’t doing its job the way you think it should

You’re peeved because your significant other leaves her shoes in your way - Every. Single. Time. 

You’re annoyed at the incompetent waiter because…well, why not be?

It’s Monday – you feel slightly depressed. 

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Live and Let Live

What a mom believes is love for her child is ridiculous over-indulgence to you.

What you think is easy and manageable may be hard and unmanageable to someone else.  

What you believe to be an appropriate and timely way to respond to emails is a distraction and splitting of focus to another.

What you think is organized is someone else’s version of chaos.

What scatter-brained is to you may be creativity to another.

What over-ripe banana is to you may be perfectly sweet and delicious to someone else.

What you consider ho-hum boring and downright uninspiring could be stimulating and fantastically awesome to another. 

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Playing Your Position in the Game of Life - Part Deux

I started this post last week and it got so long, that I divided it into two parts.  

If you missed the first segment, here's the link:

As discussed in the first post, sometimes you can feel like you're in the zone of the game and other times, you can feel like you're tangled in something that seems more like a  full-on wrestling ready-to-take-you-down match.  

Whichever game you're playing, you have much more control over your position than you may think.  

Here are more approaches for you to consider:

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Never Mind the Bucket List. Make a F*ck It List

You may have one of those lists full of things that you want to be, do, lick, have, sniff, squeeze, see, play-with, drive, live-in, and possess that you've thrown into a bucket.  Said list represents things you want to experience before you stop breathing for good.

I'm all for a good Bucket List if that fancies your tickle.  I want you to do all of the things that your heart desires in this lifetime and beyond, so I've created a F*ck It List that just may help you while on your way to fulfilling that Bucket List.  

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Are You Standing in the Way of Your Highest Potential?

You talk about not settling for less than you deserve.

You talk about not settling for less than what you want.

So why settle for less than you can feel?

Insist on feeling good.

Your highest potential is found in this moment in the way that you feel.  It’s much less about the things you achieve or the things you do and more about feeling your best right now in this moment. 

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