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Can You Fake It Till You Make It?

Sometimes, our daughter will get this look on her face and she’ll act as if she’s really mad about something.  She would convince any movie director that she’s really mad - but she's not. She’s playing a role and acting it out; she's not feeling it - she's pretending to feel something she's not.  

Do you ever fake how you feel?  Like feeling happy when you're not?

Do you ever pretend to feel something you're not?  Like feeling abundant when you feel utterly broke?

Do you ever pretend to feel confident when you feel insecure?

Do you use the words that sound positive to try to cover up how you feel?

How often do you fake it for the sake of – looking good, not looking bad, hiding, ease, impressing someone - faking how you feel mostly because of the way it would look to someone else or because that's what you think you're supposed to do?

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Your Habits of Thought Are the Only Thing Standing in the Way of You and Your Goals

You're about one week in from making your New Year's Resolutions and setting fresh goals. 

How's it going so far? Hanging in there?  Doing awesome?  Faltering on what you were so excited about one short week ago?

Why do you make resolutions, anyway?  

Do you plan on not-following through?  

Do you expect to follow-through or do you expect you won't?  

Are you motivating yourself to do the thing you said you were going to do with negative consequences? 

How do you feel about your resolutions and goals?

Do you believe you can follow-through, achieve them, own them, live them, drive them, spend them and kiss them?

What you believe and how you feel matters and the achievement of what you want hinges on it.

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