Are You Standing in the Way of Your Highest Potential?

You talk about not settling for less than you deserve.

You talk about not settling for less than what you want.

So why settle for less than you can feel?

Insist on feeling good.

Your highest potential is found in this moment in the way that you feel.  It’s much less about the things you achieve or the things you do and more about feeling your best right now in this moment. 

Your highest potential is reached in every moment that you feel the best that you can feel.

Not – later once things improve.  Not – some day when this is different. 

Right now.

What’s the hold-out?  Why wait to feel better?

You don’t have to make yourself wrong for how you feel, but you do have a choice about how you feel.

The condition is just the condition.  It’s your thoughts about it that make it pleasurable, painful or something in-between

You’ve trained yourself into feeling the way you do about a lot of things.  You might even believe that how you feel is unchangeable because what-is, is…just-the-way-it-is. 

You have more control over how you feel than you might think you do. 

How you feel is changeable.

How you feel is moldable.

How you feel is flexible.

The joy in life – your highest potential in life - can be achieved right now

Life is happening right now.

Your potential is right now

Feel better now.  You don’t have to wait till later.