When Things Aren't Going Your Way...

Good.  For.  You. 

You read that right.  

Good.  For.  You. 

When you're not getting what you want, when it's not going your way or when you're in the middle of a sh*t-storm that you're blaming yourself or anyone else within sight for...

It's ok.  It really is ok.  

Whatever is manifesting in your life is evidence of how you were already feeling, so what's playing out - no matter how "out of the blue" it seems - is valuable information.  

It's not reason to beat yourself up; it's not reason to believe you're not good, smart, enlightened, deserving, special, or not-enough of anything.

It's not a testimonial to your un-worthiness.

It's just...validation.  Maybe not the kind you would say you want, but still - validation.

Of what?  Of how you've been thinking and feeling.  (I'll remind you of this a lot in this post).

Isn't that good to know? 

I've seen adults have tantrums that would compete any day with a two-year old's because they created something they didn't want.  

I've heard them use what's manifested to mean so many false things about themselves.

If you maintain a feeling long enough, it will manifest into a reality.  


A derogatory statement about you - it is not.  

Maybe you had no idea you were feeling this way, but now that you have something more tangible in your life - something you can't ignore as much as how you were feeling and thinking - isn't it nice to know that it's just there because you thought and felt consistently enough that it manifested into a reality

So when something happens that you don't like/don't want, it's never a statement that you've done anything wrong or that you're a bad creator or any of that other stuff you make up or make it mean about you (as noted above).  Neither does it mean that you're being punished for several lifetimes of evilry, (I know that's not a word), nor does it mean that you were destined to have stuff not go your way.

I'll give you a little reminder again...

The manifestation is proof of how you've been feeling and thinking. 

It's data.  

That's it.  #BOOM is appropriate here, don't you think? ;)  

You don't have to make any more stories up around why you're experiencing what you are. 

What you think about and how it feels pre-paves a path that you'll live into.

What you think about and how you feel about it matters because your thoughts create your reality.  

Now - in the sense of how you feel now - and also in terms of what will eventually manifest into what you identify as your more tangible reality.  

Can it get any better than that?!?  

Your thoughts become!  That's really something to be excited about!

 How you feel is data you can use to let you know what you're in the process of creating!

Stand in what you might call your sh*t-storm and be proud rather than embarrassed.

 Own it.

The fact that you were able to create that!  Whoa!  The fact that you did that!  Whoa!

If you created that just imagine what else you could create.  

You focused this into being - whatever it is.  

If you can do that, you can do anything.

How you feel is giving you a head's up about what's coming next.  If you keep feeling the way you do - no matter how you feel - something will eventually manifest to match how you were feeling.  

It might be time to start paying attention to how you feel, don't you think?

Decide that how you feel matters - not in the sense of wearing your feelings like a badge of honor on your sleeve and telling anyone and everyone on the FacePlace (FB). 

Make how you feel matter in the sense of caring to pay attention to how you feel and if you don't feel good, make a decision about whether or not you want to keep feeling (and therefore thinking) this way.

You can guide yourself toward a better-feeling and adjust your thoughts to match that feeling.

You can think about something else that feels better.   

You're creating it all.  Everything that you'd call good, bad, pretty, ugly, sparkly, wanted or not. 

Nothing is going wrong. 

In fact, it's so perfectly right that what you're living matches the essence of what you've been thinking and feeling.  

Take joy in being the creator - a creator!  You created that.  

Everything you create IS a masterpiece - no matter what it is.  

That's worth celebrating.  

Own it.  Be proud of it.  Marvel in the fact that you're creating your reality no matter what it is.