Never Mind the Bucket List. Make a F*ck It List

You may have one of those lists full of things that you want to be, do, lick, have, sniff, squeeze, see, play-with, drive, live-in, and possess that you've thrown into a bucket.  Said list represents things you want to experience before you stop breathing for good.

I'm all for a good Bucket List if that fancies your tickle.  I want you to do all of the things that your heart desires in this lifetime and beyond, so I've created a F*ck It List that just may help you while on your way to fulfilling that Bucket List.  

1) F*ck working so hard at changing anyone's opinion of you.

People (you included) can only perceive through their own lens.  When you try to convince anyone about anything about you, you've allowed their perspective of you to hook you in to needing to convince them.  You're not responsible for making someone else's experience of you be different than what they expect.  While they may have an opinion of you that is different from what you'd like it to be, let them have it.  You don't have to push against the opinions of others.  You'll be way happier if you don't.  

Let everyone have their very own personal experience of you through their lens.  

2) F*ck making it about them, it, she, he or that.  

It's not about any of that, it's always about you.  If you refer to #1, you're not only *not* the perceiver for someone else, you also have no control over any of *those* things.  

The world is not controlling how you feel.  It's just a mirror of how you feel.

3) F*ck trying to control anything.

Instead, manage how you feel.  You have much more control over how you feel than you may be (likely) exercising.  How you feel is moldable, pliable, shiftable, and changeable - it's not static unless you let it be.  While it seems that how you feel is in-response-to what you're living, seeing, or what someone else is doing and while logic tells you that if you could control those things you'd feel better - those things are extraneous.  Your power lies in your ability to choose how you want to feel.  

There's no power in trying to control anything outside of you.    

4) F*ck blame.  Take the credit for everything you create. 

You're creating everything that you're living.  Whether you want that power or not, and whether you believe it or not.  Things don't have to be categorized as good or bad.  You're the creator!  Be excited about that.  What you create isn't a statement of how good/bad/worthy/unworthy/loveable or unloveable that you are.  

Take pride and joy in it all - because YOU did that!

5) F*ck seeing anything as going wrong.

Nothing is ever a mistake, but it's always an opportunity for clarification. If you could adopt this approach to life, you would trust everything that you're creating and everything that you're living.  You make choices to the best of your ability when you make them.  Your beliefs serve you along the way of your constant expansion and you can modify them as you evolve.

You were never wrong, nothing has ever gone wrong, and everything is always playing out perfectly to match your point of attraction.  It all serves you.

6) F*ck making yourself wrong when you create contrast.

Because - refer to #4 and #5.  You might want to blame yourself or kick yourself in the bootie when something in your life (from your perspective) is not going well, or is totally wrong or bad; it may not be the path or the way you thought it would be.  What if...this is a shortcut to what you want?  What if this is the quickest, fastest and most direct path to what you want? Would that soften your perspective that what you've created is wrong? 

What if this is the carrot dangling that leads you to what you most want?

7) F*ck digging up your past and dragging it with you now.  It must get heavy.

F*ck looking back.  You can't look back and keep moving forward any more than you can put your car in reverse and move ahead.   Now is now.  If you're feeling something now, even if it has some-thing to do with something from your past, you're feeling it now.  You can't go back and change your past, but you can start shifting your perspective and how you feel about it now.  You don't have to tell that version of that story again.  You don't have to tell that story at all.  Stop telling that story and your reality has to change.   If you keep telling it, you'll keep living it.  

You don't have to believe your own bullshit.  

8) F*ck letting what someones else's observation of your reality dissuade you from knowing the reality that you're in the process of creating. 

Anyone who's ever accomplished anything they've never had or done before had to look beyond the reality they were living and believe in what they didn't yet see, be, or have.   For that, you need a good does of healthy delusion. You know what you want and you can feel your way to it.  You don't have to see it to believe it, but you must believe it before it'll ever become your reality.  Lean your thoughts and conversations in the direction of what you want. Keep moving toward it in terms of adjusting your beliefs around it.  Live the reality in your mind first, and it has to be.

Set your goals knowing they're  inevitable.

9) F*ck not believing in your own abundance.  

Own your abundance.  Stop pretending you're this meager human who has no control over your creations.  Have you made a career out of arguing for your limitations?  Do you find yourself adding in "yes, buts" into your perspectives about things?  Refer to all of the above if you need a good reminder.

Choose your thoughts and see how rich you already are.  

Your mood, your attitude, your thoughts, your perspective and how you feel.  Those are the first steps in masterfully creating your reality.  

All of these things can be modified by you.  All of these things are managed and controlled by you.  No one else is doing that for you.  No one else can do that for you.  

The world around you is always mirroring how you feel.  Master your F*ck It List and watch how your Bucket List becomes an endless reality that you're living now, rather than being some list in a bucket.