Playing Your Position in the Game of Life - Part Deux

I started this post last week and it got so long, that I divided it into two parts.  

If you missed the first segment, here's the link:


As discussed in the first post, sometimes you can feel like you're in the zone of the game and other times, you can feel like you're tangled in something that seems more like a full-on wrestling ready-to-take-you-down match.  

Whichever game you're playing, you have much more control over your position than you may think.  

Here are more approaches for you to consider:

1) If life is a game, then why the heck are we taking it so seriously?

Isn't a game supposed to be fun?  I know, you've got things on your mind, troubles-a-brewin', and responsibilities to fulfill.  Afterall, you're not a 5 year old who can just play, play, play-all-day, right?  

I get it. 

You can fight, push and demand your position in the game or, you can relax into it, have some fun and go with the flow more of the time.  It's always up to you.  

Struggle is still optional.  It's not a requirement to play the game. 


2) How you feel in the game is everything. 

This relates to #1.  If you're not having a good time, what are you in the game for?  You may not be able to change the conditions in your life pronto - the money you have is the money you have...for now - but you can do your best to feel the best that you can about it.  You can make some effort to choose a different perspective about where you are, or what-is right now. You can opt for a different opinion about yourself or someone else. You can lean yourself in the direction of what feels better.  You can make the best of it rather than the worst of it.  

Following your bliss doesn't mean you're in a constant state of bliss.  Pursuing your passion doesn't mean you're passionate all of the time.  Following your highest excitement doesn't mean you're excited all the time.  Happiness doesn't mean you're happy all the time.  What it means is that you lean in the direction of your bliss, your excitement, your passion and your happiness.  If you feel like shit, you're having a shitty game.  Do what you can to feel better - which means choose your thoughts based on how they feel - and you'll have the experience of a better game. 

Stop arguing for your limitations and looking for evidence to back them up.  You'll find evidence for anything you look to find evidence about.  Instead, look for evidence that buoys you, rather than drags you down with a lead weight.  


3) Be you're own best coach.  

There are rules and regulations, do's and don'ts, how to's and not-to's - that are written, documented, recorded and recommended.  All of it can be useful information and guidance but none of it was meant to replace your own wisdom.  Pay attention to what's right and best for you.  Move to the strum of your own beat.  What's right for you may not be fitting for another.  We're born wanting diversity, not sameness, and following someone else's rule book will never feel right for very long.  Ask less what other people think and form your own opinion(s) based on how they feel to you without needing to push against theirs. 

You want to create your own reality, not live someone else's.  


4) Have faith.  

Problems are opportunities and solutions in-the-making.  Pain is healing on its way. Confusion is clarity on the horizon.  Sorrow is deeper knowing about to emerge.

Everything that can be perceived as "wrong" or as a problem, can also be perceived as opportunity.  You can argue for your limitations on this one and say it can't, but it can. You can't identify it as wrong and comprehend it's rightness.  You can't be focused on failure and discover the opportunities before you.  You can't look at unfairness and find fairness.  

Feeling bad doesn't change a thing.  Feeling better gives you a different approach because you have a different perspective.  

You have to believe it before you'll see it.  If you're waiting to see it before you believe it, you might be waiting on the sidelines for a long time.  


5) The game isn't about the big win.  

It's about the little wins along the way.  It's about the game itself.  It may not go as you want every time, but you can establish your mindset about it every time.  Therefore, you always win.  

The funnest part of the game is playing the game.  


6) Affirm what you know

When you make an affirmation about something you don't believe - how do you feel? For example, "I am rich and living a luxurious life" when you have little or no money in the bank right now and what you're living is moonbeams away from luxurious.

What you feel is poor, not rich.  What you feel is, "I'm living in a shit-hole", not in luxury. How you feel is what you're affirming.  Your words don't matter diddly-squat because what you mean (how you feel) is what the Universe responds to.  

When you're saying something that contradicts your logic or observations of your reality in an effort to make something happen that isn't, you up-the-ante on what you're affirming and you're also affirming where your belief resides and getting more of that.

The best way to make affirmations is to affirm those things that you feel good about that you already know or feel sure about.  Often, it's best to stay off the subject that you're trying so hard to improve with your affirmations.  When you're feeling rich and experiencing what feels like a moment of luxury, make the affirmation.  If you never feel rich and luxurious, just stay-the-heck-off-of making an affirmation like that.  

An affirmation about something you know and already feel good about, puts you in a place of allowing those other things you want that you're not quite-yet-believing - without getting in the way of them. 

Whatever you mean - how you feel - is what you're affirming.


7) The game is always fair.  

What you think about and how you feel is constantly being reflected to you.  You can't think about something you want, or something that you don't want for very long without attracting it into your world.  

If it's in your world, it's a match to what you're thinking and feeling.  If it's not in your world, it's a match to what you're thinking and feeling.  The essence of whatever it is matches how you've been feeling and thinking.  Period.

When it feels like you got blind-sided and you're downright sure that you weren't thinking about that - you may or may not have-been, but there's still value in it for you, and it's still a match to something you had going on in your point of attraction.

When something's not in your world that you think you're thinking about -yes, you may be, but if it's not in your world you're somehow-someway contradicting what you want with your habit of thought or expectation; want it but you don't believe it; you want it but you don't expect it; or you want it but notice how you never get what you want or how long it's taking so the Universe, God or Rapunzel must be punishing you or you must have to learn some sort of lesson and have to put in more time and your nose to the grind to prove how much you want it to get it.  Right? 


You're always experiencing what you're a perfect match to. There are no mistakes.  It's all right and fair even if you're unaware.  


8) Stop talking and thinking about what you don't want.

You don't create with your words, but they do reflect how you feel - usually.  Or, you're using positive-sunshiny-words to cover up how you feel.  Have you noticed that doesn't work?

You're always broadcasting a signal to which the Universe cooperates and matches perfectly - every single time (refer to #7 if you need a reminder).  

If you talk and think about what you don't want, what's your signal? 'Nough said.


9) Let the dust settle on problem.  Pick it up later. 

If you keep thinking about it as a problem, it's going to keep being a problem.  Imagine putting your feet in a puddle. Got it?  Ok, good.  Now imagine moving your feet and tossing them about.  Is the puddle getting clearer or cloudier?  Right.  

Incessant focus on what you perceive as a problem stirs up the mud and doesn't allow you to perceive a solution.  Let it be for awhile.  The Universe is not confused-one-bit that you want a solution and there are solutions already in-place for you - but you're not going to perceive the solutions if you keep muddying up the water. (Refer to #4 here).

If you're focused on a problem, it's a problem and it'll keep being a problem. 


10) Take the credit for how the game goes.

Blaming others might feel better for awhile - "It's their fault that something is going the way it is" - but it won't feel good for very long.  Take the credit for how you're playing the game and how you're feeling in the game.   

Embrace that you're creating it all.  Make it less about "good" or "bad" and just see how you're the one who's doing it all - which means you're in control of it all.  

You're in control of your world whether you take the credit or not so you may as well take the credit.  There's much more power in taking the credit than blaming someone else because you don't have control over what someone else is doing. 


11) Practice being nicer to yourself.

This ties in to #3.  You weren't born hating yourself.  You weren't born being mean to yourself. That's something you learned, or something you thought you were supposed to do because Gawd forbid you should love yourself.  Don't ask someone else to be nicer to you if you're not nicer to you.  

It all starts with you.  


Playing the game is about your position and your position is all in your control.  

You're always in the process of creating your reality and living-into a reality you already created.  You're the interpreter, the perceiver, the thinker, the feeler, the reactor, the player, and the receptor - of it all.  

That's the only position you have any control of and you can master and create the game any way you like it. 


Once again, if you missed Part 1 of this post, you can find it here:


This two-part series of posts was inspired from my interview with Mary Lou Kayser on her Play Your Position Podcast.  Here's the link to that if you want to listen:

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