Can You Fake It Till You Make It?

Sometimes, our daughter will get this look on her face and would be able to convince any movie director that she’s really mad about something - but she's not. She’s playing a role and acting it out; she's not feeling it - she's pretending to feel something she's not.  

Do you ever fake how you feel?  Like feeling happy when you're not?

Do you ever pretend to feel something you're not?  Like feeling abundant when you feel utterly broke?

Do you ever pretend to feel confident when you feel insecure?

Do you use the words that sound positive to try to cover up how you feel?

How often do you fake it for the sake of – looking good, not looking bad, hiding, ease, impressing someone - faking how you feel mostly because of the way it would look to someone else or because that's what you think you're supposed to do?

I'd like to let you off the hook - stop faking it!

I don’t believe in faking it till you make it.  I do believe in paying attention to how you feel and making your way to feeling better. 

You know those positive-sounding affirmations that you make that you don't believe any more than you believe there's an actual Santa Claus?  Those ones.  The majority of the time they don't work.  

Why?  Because you don't believe what you're saying.  

You never have to fake it, but you can make a choice to feel better. 

Faking it will have you more confused than ever because what you're faking to make-it isn't making it.  You might think that your "fake" is undetectable - and it may be to the people around you - but your "fake" is undeniable and speaks louder than your words to the Universe. 

There's no faking it when it comes to your point of attraction.

There's no faking it when it comes to the signal you're putting out into the ethers.  

Can you fake being on a different television station than you're on?  

Can you fake your location on a GPS if you have a particular destination you're heading toward?  

Can you fake being on a different frequency than you're on when you're listening to a radio station?

I think not.  

How you feel about it emanates a signal that you may think you can fake, but is not being confused by the Universe. 

At the root of everything is how you feel about it.  

Not paying attention to how you feel is like having a tooth pulled and leaving the roots.  Or filling a tooth when there's still a cavity.

Not helpful.

If you get to the feeling, you’ll discover the reason why you’re experiencing anything. 

It might be time to start paying attention to how you feel.  

How you feel matters because if you maintain a feeling long enough, it's going to manifest into something that you would call "more real".  If you're using positive words and making positive-sounding affirmations while pretending to feel them, the way you feel will always manifest as your reality.  The "reality" is how you feel, and as such, you'll find evidence of it all around you.

Faking it does not make it. 

If you've managed to make it when you thought you were faking it, you either weren't faking it as much as you thought you were, or, along the way to making it, you started believing it - therefore, you were no longer faking it.  

So given what I just said, you may conclude, "Faking it might make it."  

The Universe responds to your point of attraction.  Unless and until you change that, which is indicated by how you feel, what you're doing when you're using positive sounding words and not believing them is aggravating your disbelief.

Feel the difference between saying, "I am rich beyond my wildest dreams" when you don't believe it at all because you're looking at your reality which is quite (very) different from that; and saying or affirming something slightly less offensive to your senses and current beliefs (your observation of reality) like, "I don't feel rich right now, but I want to move more and more toward that and see my reality reflect that."  

You might say, "Well, that's dumb...making an affirmation like that isn't getting me what I want."

Did you feel the difference between the two statements?  Could you feel (in this example) that one statement sounded really good but it may have felt like a lie and somewhat offensive to your logic and beliefs about "lying"; the other felt more aligned and true - reflecting what you do want to move toward but not offending your sense of truth?  

Making statements that offend your current observation(s) of reality too much, is like having a wound that's 2" deep and digging into it with your finger.  


It makes it worse.  It doesn't give it time to smooth over.  

You can't reconcile the two realities - the one that you're living and the one that you want.  It amplifies and affirms how you really feel rather than affirms where you're going.

The best way to start bridging the gap between the two is by making affirmations or statements that feel good - that you already believe.  Why?  Because now you've stopped amplifying what you don't believe while trying to make yourself believe something you don't. 

If there's something in your life right now that feels good and you believe it - affirm it, talk about it, think about it.  Amplify that.  The more you amplify what you believe that feels good, the more you believe - which means that you're not contradicting yourself.  If you're not contradicting yourself, you're practicing more consistently a point of attraction of belief which allows you to feel surer of yourself.

That's similar to giving yourself a chance to get stable on your feet and walking first without wobbling all over the place before you make yourself try to run.  

Why not give yourself a chance?  Build up your confidence before you make yourself run?

The #1 reason why using positive words and making affirmations that sound good - don't work - is because you're trying too hard to use your words to compensate for what you don't believe.  You're trying to fake your way instead of feel your way.

Start from where you are.  Use words, language and affirmations to speak of the things that feel good to you - those things that encourage and support what you know that feels good.  

Lean your language and affirmations with a proclivity toward what feels better.  

Don't lie to yourself or others about how you're feeling - make a choice that you're going to think and talk about the things you feel good about.  Leave the rest out for awhile (forever). 

What you think, say and feel about the things you focus on is what you'll experience more of.

If you say it and don't feel it (mean it), what you feel is what you'll experience more of.  Saying it can help.  Speaking more about what you want and using positive language helps but only if you give yourself a chance to walk before you ask yourself to run.

You're never going to be able to fool the Universe about how you feel.  

Pretend you're living a different reality if you feel it - but if you're feeling it, you're not actually pretending, are you?

Work at feeling better first and using words to affirm your better-feeling as you continuously move along the journey toward more of what you want.

You'll never have to fake it again.  Keep meaning what you say and you'll keep making it.