Feeling Trumped?

The only thing you can do is to soothe yourself.

The only thing you can do is to find a way to feel better about it.

The only thing you can do in this moment is reach for a different and better-feeling perspective.

Why would you ever bother to find a way to feel better about something that doesn't seem like there's anything to feel good about?  

Because, "Why would you keep holding on to a perspective that doesn't feel good to you and creates fear or a sense of disempowerment within you?"  

The perspective is what's got you upset, it's not the condition.  

So Trump won...

What are you going to do about it?  

You can complain about it and you can have fearful conversations about the horrible state-of-affairs, the uncertainty of your future and the demise of the female voice, post it all on social media and attend anti-Trump marches.

You're free to do so.  

You may be for or against Trump, but it is what it is.  In the interim of someone else being voted into office that you're not going to like either, what's your mood and attitude about it going to be?

He's the perfect manifestation of what people were voting for and what others were pushing against.  

There's never a time when it's not a macro of a micro.  

It may seem wrong to you, but he is an answer to the asking of much of the energy flow.  

I know you have a long list of complaints and dislikes along with a million examples to justify your position about him - but that's not helpful to you.  

You can shift your perspective to be less "against" him.

You might think that being less against him makes you pro-Trump and you certainly don't want to be pro-anything-about-Trump, EVER, therefore from your perspective, you should be and need-to-be against him.  

Doing that may feel good to you for a while, but won't that get a little tiring, let alone boring?  Don't you have better things to do?

Pushing against anything or anyone no matter how vile or disgraceful you think they are depletes you and does nothing to the person(s) or conditions you're pushing so hard against.  

The President, no matter who he/she is does not have power over how you feel.  

That's up to you.  

No one other than you can allow (or oppose) improvements in your life. Not even the President.  

Would you rather feel good, or would you rather prove yourself to be right about him?

Would you rather look around and see this as a possibility for positive change and evolution or would you rather close-off to any perspective other than this is wrong and it's going to destroy our world?

Would you rather feel good or would you rather have him live into your expectations about him?

Would you rather feel good or would you rather live under the illusion that he has the power to make you feel horrible and keep using him as your reason (excuse) to do so? 

Would you rather feel good or would you rather keep posting on social media and talking to others who agree with you about what a horrible mistake, stupid choice, and blasphemy this is?

You can, and you may feel very justified in doing that for a while.  

Take that time if you need it.  

Be shocked.  

Be angry.  

Be confused.  

Be afraid.

Be right where you are.  

But at some point, don't you want to "take your life back"?

At some point, don't you want to take control over how you feel and direct your thoughts intentionally to affect your mood and attitude in more positive and good-feeling ways?

At some point, don’t you want to feel empowered, knowing that you can feel how you choose to feel regardless of a condition that you don’t like or approve of?

At some point, don't you want to remind yourself that the earth spins in its orbit, the tides go in and out, the sun rises and sets, the plants of the earth get watered by the rain, the stars twinkle at night, your blood circulates through your veins, your heart beats, your eyes can look into the eyes of your child or other loved ones, and that there's more that's going right in your life than there is that's going wrong?

At some point, don't you want to let this be the non-issue that it is and live your life regardless of who's been elected as President?

He does not think for you.  

He does not feel for you.  

He does not perceive for you.  

He does not have the power over you that you're giving him.

He's not the one creating your reality - you are.  

Whatever it is – the President, the money (or lack thereof) in your account, the person (or lack thereof) sleeping beside you, the disease you’ve been diagnosed with, the weather, the troubled relationship, how you look – does not have the control over how you feel that you’re assigning to it. 

I shall repeat - the condition (whatever is going on that seems to have you feeling how you do) does not have the control that you think it does.  

You may not be able to change what's in your bank account right now.  

You may not be able to change the physical condition in your body (or in someone else's) right now.  

You may not have a mate, you can't control the weather, your relationship may not be improved in this moment, nor can you change who the President is right now.  

Make peace with it.  Make peace with what-is, no matter what it is.  

That doesn't mean giving up and becoming limp.  It means letting go of the need to control or change external conditions and people while understanding that all you have control of is your perspective in this moment and that everything is temporary if you let it be.

You can soothe yourself.  You can feel better.  You can distract yourself.  You can think of other things that feel good when you think about them.  

You can, you can, you can.  

Yes.  You.  Can.  

You may not want to yet, but you can.