You flip one off to someone because they cut you off in traffic...WTF?

Your kid is doing exActly what you asked him not-to-do...WTF?

You didn't get the job you were sure you’d get…WTF?

Your clients are asking you to discount your rates...WTF?

Your sales are down and you've got no money in the bank...WTF?

You end up in the hospital when you thought you were doing so well...WTF?

Your boyfriend broke up with you when you thought you were on-track to get married...WTF?

You're 40, single and still haven't met the person you want to partner with...WTF?


Your online course sells-out in milliseconds and you have a wait-list to-boot.…WTF?

You dream of going to Machu Picchu…WTF?

You buy a brand-sparkling-new Porshe 911 Cab...WTF?

You ask her to marry you…WTF?

You imagine yourself living by the ocean…WTF?

You read a good book, watch a movie or listen to your favorite tunes...WTF?

You climb a mountain, reach a goal, or close a deal…WTF?


What’s The Feeling???

You look at pictures…

You love someone…

You hate another…

You play an instrument…

You go to a game…

You play a sport…

You text someone...

You make sand castles…

You paint…

You get tattooed…

You pierce a body part…

You wear your clothes…

The list is endless.

You do the things you do because of how they feel.

You want the things you want because of how they feel.

You say the things you say because of how you feel when you say them.

WTF What’s The Feeling????

What’s the feeling you associate with the thing(s) you want?

What’s the feeling you have when you think about that person you love?

What’s the feeling when you think about the money you want that you don’t yet have?

How it feels is the key to everything.

How it feels is the key to why you want anything.

How it feels is the key to why you don’t want something.

How it what you want.  

The thing you’ve declared that you want represents that feeling for you.

What if you could feel it now whether or not you have it?

What if you could feel it now whether or not you’re living it?

What if you could feel the way you want to feel anyway...before you have it, before you're living it?

Rad, maybe.  Essential, yes.

Unless you feel the way you think you’ll feel when you have the thing/person/experience that you want, not only will what you want be longer in-coming, but neither will you be enjoying your way to the things you want.

Imagine skipping the icing in the middle of an oreo cookie, eating an éclair without the filling, or an orgasm without the foreplay.  

What’s in the middle and on-the-way-to the end result is what adds to the entirety of it and makes it more complete and satisfying.

You may think you need to have that thing, be with that person, or see your bank account line-up with multiple zero’s behind a single digit.

But you don’t have to wait until….

You can feel it now.

Ask yourselfWTF?  What's The Feeling I want?

And feel it now….