What You Can Start Doing Now to Pre-Pave for 2017

This will be my last post for 2016.  As I thought about what to write - coupled with my desire to be of value and to provide you with ways to feel your power and ability to live a good-feeling life - I decided to offer you some ways to start intending and implementing now, ways to align with the true nature and essence of who-you-are.

When you align with your true essence, it's like you - getting out-of-the-way.  

It's like you - letting the door(s) open for you.  

It's like you - laying on an inner-tube in the water and letting it float you.  

It's you allowing the life that you desire to come-on-in and be your experience.  

When you make it harder than it needs to be, when you struggle, justify, try to prove, argue for your limitations, look for the worst, look for problems, let things bother you, feel like you don't deserve it, compare yourself to others or get into a habit of thinking about things that don't feel good - that's like you shading yourself from the good that's already there - or closing the door to the opportunities that are lined-up for you.  

I want you to live a good life - that means feeling good and having the things and the experiences that you want.  

Alignment is key to all of it and here are some ways to promote that:


Let it be easy.  Look around you.  What makes your life easy?  Notice the things already in-place that make your life easy.  

Stop affirming the struggle.  Every time you talk or think about the struggle(s) you've had in the past, the struggle(s) you're having now, or the struggle(s) you're expecting in the future, you're affirming the struggle with more of it to come.  

Quiet your mind.  Take some time to breathe deeply and connect your mind with your breath. Meditate.  Let your mind rest on-purpose rather than only when you're sleeping. It's a way of training yourself into a quiet state of mind.

Play more.  Get outside and play.  Stay inside and play.  It doesn't matter where you do it or what you're doing, just be lighter and more playful about it.  

Have way more fun.  Because it's fun.  Fun is fun.  Whatever your definition of fun is, do it. Think about it.  Talk to other people about it.

Don't take yourself, anyone or anything so seriously.  This goes along with the "Have way more fun" approach.  When you take yourself, others and life seriously, it gets serious and you miss the point of it all when you're doing that.  

Ease up.  Lighten up.

Free yourself.

Ease up (or stop altogether) with the "Yes But's".  You'll never "but" your way into anything you want.  

Your "Yes But's" contradict what you want.   

Stop (or ease up) on arguing for your limitations.  Soon after you do, you'll be aware of more possibilities available to you. 

Stop (or do much less of) doing things out of need, should's, or obligation.  It's entrapment.  No one benefits from it.  What happens in the process of it is that you train others into expecting you to do what they need you to do and you resent them because you don't feel free.  

Talk a lot more (way, way, way more) about what you want and a lOt less (or not at all) about what you don't want - which also means talk less about what's bothering you and what's not working (which includes how hard it is or how difficult it's been for you). Talking and thinking about the things that bother you make you feel bothered and it doesn't get any easier when you talk about how hard it is.  If things feel difficult and you'd like them to be easier, start leaning your thoughts and conversations more in the direction of what's already working vs. pointing out what's not.  

Practice positive expectation.  If you're used to expecting negatively, it'll take practice to start expecting more on the positive end of things, but you can do it.  Start with something easy, like, "I expect the sun to rise and set tomorrow.  I expect the tides will go in and out.  I expect the moon to be in the sky this evening.  I expect my feet and my head to be right where I last left them when I wake up in the morning."  Eventually, that can translate into more chronic positive expectation.  

Practice knowing that things are always working out for you, and if they're working out for you, they're also always working out for everyone else.  No matter how it looks, things are always working out.

If you have to choose, choose happy rather than "right."  You're always "right" anyway - meaning, your perspective matches your beliefs.

Decide daily that you want to feel good and keep making that decision throughout your day. Make it a top priority.  

Your joy depends on it. 

Stop needing other people to understand (you).  All that matters is that *you* understand.

Stop explaining yourself.  The more you try to explain yourself, the more tangled mess you get into.  

Let it be, let it go.  

Stop justifying why you don't have (or can't have) what you want.  It might feel better temporarily because we tend to look for reasons why we don't have what we want, but the more you justify it, the more you keep that frequency active within you, which means two things:

1) You don't feel good while you're doing it.

2) You'll keep having similar experiences and wonder why they're happening.  

Look ahead, look forward - anticipate while you're also appreciating where you are and what's becoming.  By appreciating where you are, you allow more of what you want to be your experience. 

Look back less.  When you look back, you tend to compare what-was to what-is which means you either feel bad because you perceive that your now isn't as good as what-was, or when you look back on your past that you believe wasn't so-good, you make that a part of your now perspective and you don't feel good now.  

Now is all you've got.  

Never mind what other people think of you.  It's not your business.  I know you've heard a version of this one before, but it's worth repeating because most people care way more than they're willing to admit about how other people perceive them.  

Compare yourself to others - never.  Why?  Because usually a comparison is used to make yourself feel bad.  If you're going to compare, use it as inspiration and not as something to beat yourself up over or to feel negatively toward someone else.  

You too can have what you want, but not if you don't believe that you can.

Mind your own business.  Minding someone else's often makes you damn miserable.  

Don't ask the world to change so that you can feel good.  That's out of your control. How you feel begins with you, not with someone else needing to do something about it.

Let it be.  Don't go down a rabbit hole that you know will only get you in deeper into the rabbit hole.  All you'll find there are more rabbits.  We all know how much they multiply. 

Love more often.  Love where you are.  Love yourself.  Love others.  Love what you're wearing. Love what you're doing.  Love your surroundings.


Bask more often.  Take it easy.  Relax.  Chill.  Enjoy yourself rather than thinking about what you need to do next that you really don't want to do or what you need to "fix" or change so that your life is better.  

Be good to yourself.  Don't demand others to do it for you.  You don't need permission to be good to yourself.  Not being good to yourself is not a virtue and benefits no one.  

It starts with you.

Feel more and *then* do.  Decide how you want to feel and make that an active part of your awareness and *then* go and be with people, go do your work, or go about your day doing your stuff.  

Consciously choose how you want to feel first and then do.  

Train your frequency into one that allows good things to come.  We're all energy.  We all attract onto ourselves the broadcast that we're putting out.  If you're grumpy, irritated, mad or sad - that's the frequency you're putting out, therefore that's what you'll match up with.  

If you're feeling more on the happy, content, eager, interested, or fun range of emotions, what you sync-up with will feel much better than when you're feeling bad.  

You're always living evidence of what you're feeling.  Try it and show yourself.  

Let life show you how good it can be for you.

Show yourself that you can have the experience of life that you want.  

Show yourself that you can trust more, laugh more, feel free-er, and enjoy yourself right now. 

Show yourself that you can tune yourself to better feeling thoughts which translate into better feeling experiences.  

Show yourself the power of your thoughts, your desire for alignment and how good you can feel because you choose to. 

We're all energy.  The world around you is constantly responding to your transmission.  

Don't you think it's worth taking the time to align your energy and transmit more on-purpose? 

The benefits of your alignment are right-there-ready-for-and-waiting-for-you.

Show yourself...