About Control

You want a way to control what's going on around you so that it doesn't feel so random and unpredictable. 

You want...predictability. 

You want consistency from the one you're with.  And from yourself.

You want to know what's going to happen in a future that hasn't happened yet. 

You want...certainty.  Not in a boring kind-of-way that means you have to plan every last-thing right down to what you're going to eat for lunch next Tuesday. 

But you do want to be prepared.  You want a sense of control over your life.  You want a sense of control over your emotional state.

Maybe you feel out-of-control.

Which leads you to think that if only you could control more - the world, the things that are happening, what people that you know and what people that you don’t-know are doing, you would just feel so much better and so much more in control.

Yep.  Tried that.  Didn't work. 

Because the control you're seeking is an inside job. 

It isn't about controlling the people around you and making them be what and how you want them to be.  It isn’t about trying to control anything that you can’t control. 

The people in your life and the things going on are uncontrollable.  Your response to them is not

Once you know that you’ll only ever be able to control how you perceive and feel about what you’re living and observing… you’re free.  Because you’re free to choose any and all of that.  No one else can feel for you.  No one else can perceive for you.  No one else can think for you.  You’re the one doing all of that.

The inside job is what has to come first, and when you manage that without anything or anyone needing to change, you’re on your way to mastering your reality.