Do Your Cupcakes Include Peas and Noodles?

You're not likely to eat something again that doesn't taste good so why would you think and talk about something that doesn't feel good again and again and again?

It's because ...

It's how you've received attention in the past.

It's because...

It's what you think you're supposed to do to solve the things that seem out-of-place.

It's because...

It's what you've seen and experienced other people doing.

And it's because...

You might misunderstand how you construct your reality. 

Everything begins in thought.  Writing about it adds more power to it.  Talking about it adds additional clout, and the more you carry-on thinking and talking about it the more wallop its got.  

How you feel when you're thinking, writing and speaking gives you some idea of what kind of reality you're crafting.

It's kind of like baking.  If you were mixing up some chocolate cupcakes, you'd need to use the ingredients required to make chocolate cupcakes.  Peas and noodles don't belong.  That would be gross, you wouldn't like it, it wouldn't be what you wanted, and you would-not-eat-it-at-all-or-ever-again...ever.

You understand that when you bake, but maybe not-so-much when it comes to how you create your life with your thoughts, words and how you feel.  

It sort-of makes more sense now doesn't it?  If you use ingredients, that when combined don't mix to produce the result you wanted, you maybe should have paid more attention to the ingredients you were including in your recipe.  

Your thoughts and how they feel - what you think and talk about - are ingredients in the batter of your life.  

If the batter doesn't taste good, you wouldn't keep making it.  If your thoughts and what you're talking about doesn't feel good - why keep putting that into the batter?  

If you put peas and noodles in the chocolate cupcake mix you're going to have pea-and-noodle-kinda-sorta-chocolate-cupcakes...not exactly what you wanted.  

The peas and noodles in this example include but are not limited to:

The thing that overwhelms you.

The thing that bothers you.

The thing that's not going well in your life.

The thing that he-said-she-said that either was or wasn't that you're probably making up based on some assumed or fabricated "fact". 

If you eat something that doesn't taste good, you either spit it out immediately, or you make a very strong decision that you're not going to eat that again.  Why?  You know the answer to this by now....let's alllll shout it together, "BECAUSE IT DOESN'T TASTE GOOD".  Blek. 

Do that with your thoughts and conversations.

Decide that talking and thinking about the thing that doesn't feel good isn't worth it.


And, it certainly doesn't get you what you want. It just gets you more of what you're talking thinking and feeling about.  

Most people talk about stuff just to talk about stuff without paying attention to how it feels.

It's important to note that what you think and speak about creates your reality.

Think about it because you like the way that it feels...not because you're trying to fix it, maim it, change it, make it go away, manifest it, or de-manifest it because you don't want it anymore.

Think it because it feels good.  It's that simple.

Make more decisions about what you're going to think about and what conversations you're going to engage in by the way they feel to you.

It'll change your life.