Be Here, NOW

Can you be right where you are?  

Not trying to grow your list or get more likes and followers.

Not trying to make anything happen, or make someone hear, understand, respect or regard you.

Not trying to make your kids do something other than what they're doing or listen to you when they're not.  

Not trying to be thinner than you are now and not trying to figure out what's coming next.  

Not trying to change anything or anyone or deciphering what they meant when they said that thing to you. 

Not trying to figure out where or when the money's going to come or solve the world's problems.  

Not trying to solve anyone's problems. 

Not wishing you were someplace else, doing something else, with someone else.  

Can you BE?  Here and now.  

Without needing to change it, fix it, mend it, eradicate it, run from it or rush through it?  Not thinking about tomorrow or the next day or the next 5 year plan.


Can you let it be?  

Can you take it all in for what it's got to offer you right here and now.  

Can you let it be what it is?  

If you weren't trying to fix yourself, better yourself, improve yourself or change yourself...

What would you do?  Who would you BE?

Could you just happily be here and now just as you are?

The only power you have - is now.