Inside Job

Everyone wants a sense of control over their own life.  There's no one you know who would say (and really mean it), "Here, you be in charge of me and my life.  I'm done."  

While that notion of someone swooping-in, taking-charge and taking-care-of things for you seems attractive at times (maybe often), if someone else were actually in-charge and you had no choice or creative control over any of it, you'd soon feel trapped and resentful of the one you'd put in-charge.  

We were all born with a clear knowing that we're free.  Free to choose; free to feel; free to create our own reality - our life and how we perceive it.  We were all born knowing that we personally get to decide what we want and that it could be uniquely tailored to our requests.  

The illusion that you're not in-charge of you and your life and that something can assert itself into your experience creates a sense of vulnerability and loss of control. 

Most of us at some time or another feel a sense of loss-of-control over our lives, which evokes a knee-jerk reaction to want to control more things.  

You want people to be who you need or want them to be, you want things to go a certain way, and you want what you want. The logical conclusion is to believe that controlling all of the moving and uncontrollable parts is the path for it to go your way and be just as you like it - and that once those people and/or things are just-as-you-like-it-to-be you'll feel safer, loved, appreciated, heard, happy, at-ease, good, rich, successful, pleased, excited, proud, optimistic, stable, confident, and sooo much better.  

Common things that people often feel a desire or need to control:

You want to control: Someone else's response to you.

What you can control: How you feel about their response to you.

You want to control: How someone else feels about you.

What you can control: How you feel about how they feel about you.

You want to control: How much money you have.

What you can control:  How you feel about the money you have.

You want to control:  Time.

What you can control:  How you feel about the time that you have.

You want to control:  Your body weight.

What you can control:  How you feel about what you weigh.  

Other things you might want to control (this is likely a short-list):  other people - strangers, siblings, friends, parents, kids, partners, co-workers, neighbors - what they do, say and who they are.  Politics, the people in-charge of politics, the weather, Universal forces, drivers on the road, traffic, your pets, what you eat, and when you eat.  Feel free to add to this list...what is it that you try to/want to/wish you could control?  Comment below if you want to.

You may be able to wield some control over a few, but for-the-most-part, most people don't want to be controlled and many things are not in your control, so you may as well just surrender to the uncontrollable - which by the way, does not mean you are power-less. 

Your power lies in your ability to perceive and therefore feel how you want to feel.  There's no power in your efforts to control people or circumstances.   

You can't know that you're in-charge and in complete control of creating your reality until you begin to notice the correlation between how you feel and what's playing out for you.

The control that most everyone is seeking has to begin with paying attention to how you feel and knowing that you're the one who manages how you feel. 

How you feel will always let you know what you're in the process of creating.  

You can try to control people - how they feel, be, act or perceive - you can try to control the things going on around you, and you can try to make more money appear in your bank account by working harder, longer and telling everyone you deserve better than you've got. can.

Do what you can, manage what you can and take the actions that feel right to you.  

But while you're at-it, consider this...  

Everything you want - someone to change, your situation to change (to have someone special in your life, more money, more friends, a bigger or better living space, more recognition, health to improve, a better or different work environment - everything you want is because you associate a feeling (or feelings) with having it.  There's an emotional response when you think about having it, and you believe that once this thing happens, comes-about, falls-into-place, changes, be's, manifests and kisses-your-face, you will Finally feel like how you want to feel. Finally.  But that's the big misconception...

You don't have to hold-out for it to happen before you feel how you think you'd feel if/when it happens.  

How you gain control of what's happening to and for you is by understanding that you have complete control over how you feel no-matter how it currently looks or what the present conditions are. 

By taking-charge of how you feel, you gain the control you've been seeking all along. 

At the core of everything that's happening, is a feeling.  At the core of everything you want, is a feeling.  

The key to having what you want and to feeling in-control of your world is by knowing that you're the manager of how you feel.  

You're the thinker, the perceiver, and the feeler.  

There's no one else in-charge of that.  

Understand that and you'll have exponential control over everything else that you create in your life.