20 Things You Can Learn from a Toddler about Creating Your Reality

Sometimes (often), our teachers are the little ones eating lollipops and wearing velcro shoes.  Here is only some of the wisdom harvested from living up-close-and-personal to a wise, young sage: 

1) Be flexible.

We're not talking about yoga here.

2) Take the road less traveled.

You never know what you might find.

3) Do what you want anyway.

You know you really want to. 

4) Don't take anyone's opinion of you seriously.

It's all bullsh*t anyway. 

5) Do it for the fun of it.

'Cuz that's why you're here.  Why would you ever do it for any other reason?

6) Expect to have your way.


7) There's fun and games everywhere when you feel that way already.

Twister anyone?

8) Adventure is right here (sometimes in a cardboard box).

Bring your crayons.

9) What's so serious?

Unless somebody's taken your Starbuck's order.  

10) Have imaginary friends.

Elephant Baby told me to write this one.  

11) Live in your imagination. Don't pay too much attention to reality.

You're making it all up anyway.  

12) Make stuff up because it's fun.

Refer to comment under #11.

13) Tell stories because they're fun to tell.

"A chicken and a skunk walk into a bar..."

14) Don't try to make anything happen.  

You'll probably just screw it up.

15) Let the chaos go on around you and just keep doing your thing.

Sh*t happens.  You can still play with your Legos. 

16) Short attention span is not a bad thing.

It's following inspiration.

17) Run because it's fun.  Move your body because it's fun. 

Leave the fit bit at home. Refer to #9. 

18) Be you exactly as you are.  

Nobody does you better than you.  

19) There's no right way to do anything.  

Except for that *one* thing. ;)

20) There are people and things all around you that you can't see with your eyes.

Sometimes you can smell things that you can't see - but I think that's what they call "silent but deadly"....but I digress...and if you're giggling like a toddler right now, well, you're on track to creating and having more of what you want.