In Pursuit of Perfection?

There's this thing that we do...its called the need for perfection. 

We refrain from putting up a website until we have all the copy, the photos and the impeccable message we want to convey, just so.

We refrain from trying something new or different because we might stink at it.

We don't write because our writing may not be as good as it can be.  Or, it may actually suck.

We reach for the outcomes we want and want them now; if they don't come really-fast-soon, we assume we're doing something wrong.  

We look at our bank account, our status, our likes, our accomplishments, our accolades, and our placement demeaning our sense of worth and value as we draw conclusions about our current position. 

We look at our partner or the wanta-be-potential partner and search for faults and evidence of imperfection - needing him or her to be only-a-little, or quite-a-lot different - right now. 

We judge, categorize, pigeon-hole, criticize, and evaluate based on some illusion of perfection.

Perfection in our society seems to mean - done.  Not evolving.  

When you eat an oreo cookie do you want to skip the middle?  One end without the other end, without the middle, just wouldn't be the deliciousness that it is.  It all works together, doesn't it?

When a wee-baby is learning how to walk, do you ever say, "Walk.  Right now.  Never mind learning how to roll over, sit up, and crawl first." 

You've got to start somewhere. 

Where you are is all part of where you're going.  Who you are now is all part of who you're becoming and always evolving into.  Rather than see where you are or who-you-be as not-good-enough, and through the lens of perceived imperfection, what if everything - including you - is perfect?

Perfect in the sense that who you are, what you know thus far, what you've concluded, what you want, what you've accomplished and what you're welcoming into your life - for now - is perfect and always growing and budding.

Perfection exists in the fact that you're creating it all. 

It exists in the fact that you're creating you and you're creating your experiences, your wants and don't-wants, your preferences, likes and dislikes.  You - in your life - are so perfect.  

Can you find satisfaction with where you are?

Can you make peace with who you are?

Can you let it be alright with you that you're always at a beginning, middle and never-finished place because there's always another unfinished place?  It all fits together like the oreo cookie. 

Can you accept and let it be perfect - that you're in a perfectly evolving place and always will be - seeing the perfection in this moment because you created it all?

There's nothing more perfect than that.