11 Ways To Ignite More Positive Thoughts

Just as you can go far and wide online, your mind also has the ability to go to all sorts of places. 

The difference is, you often manage the places you go online with more intention than you do your thoughts. 

Sometimes you let your thoughts go in all sorts of directions for no other reason than it’s what you always do.  It's a habit.  

The more you think about anything, the easier it gets to keep thinking about it in the same ole', same ole' way.  

Your thoughts attract not only what you're thinking about but also more thoughts similar to the ones you're thinking.  

Thank you, Law of Attraction.  

So if you're thinking about something (which makes it easier to think more thoughts like it) how do you get out of the loop of similar thoughts if you don't like the thoughts you're thinking?  (was that a brain-twister of a sentence, or what?)

One way is to make a decision that you’re going to think only if what you're thinking about feels good.  Any subject that doesn’t feel good when you're broaching it, you don't think about. (ie...politics anyone???).  

Another approach is to feel good and then think.  When you feel good, you're more likely to think about stuff in a way that matches-up with the good-feeling you have.  If you feel good and stumble upon a thought that doesn't feel good, for the time being, get off the subject. Getting off the subject when it doesn't feel good is like jumping off the train before it crashes. That's a good thing.  

As mentioned above, the more you think, the easier it is to keep thinking about what you're thinking about.  

Thinking about what’s going wrong, what you don't like, and/or what you don't want (clue here - you won't feel good) will make it easier for you to heap more thoughts on the pile that are similar in nature.  

So, if you want more good-feeling, "right"-feeling stuff, you’ve got to feel good first.  It can’t really play out any other way. 

I know...sounds a little counter-intuitive.  

Imagine trying to convince yourself that you like wheat grass when you know you hate wheat grass.  You've heard it's good for you and you wish you could like it, but your taste buds keep telling you "gross".  While you could eventually acclimate to it and possibly tolerate or even like it, why do that to yourself?  Why not start with easier things to eat and drink?  Go with it. You don't have to like it but you also don't have to go around to every juice bar and ask them to take wheat grass off the menu.  Order something else.  

What I'm saying is, don't try to make yourself feel good about the things you don't like and don't want in your life.  You're not easily going to like something you've decided that you don't like or want.  

DO surf your life (like you do the internet) for those things you like and already feel good about.  

Why focus on the problem(s) and keep feeling immersed in the problem(s)?  

You’ll only get more problems.   

You don’t have to let your problems take over your thoughts any more than your computer can surf the net without your discretion.

So what to do?? 

1) Decide that you want to feel good

2) Make feeling good a priority.

3) Keep a running tab of things you like, love and appreciate that are present in your life right now.

4) Look for, and focus on those things in your life that are already going well. 

5) Get familiar with how good feelings feel.  When you feel good, check in with yourself and feel how good it feels. 

6) Look for what's in your life that feels like those good-feelings. 

7) Look for the presence of what feels good to you rather than for what's missing.

8) As many times throughout the day as you can, praise and compliment – yourself and others.

9) Play down what you’re currently perceiving as going “wrong” or problematic and jump off that train.  Think about your dog, your fish, your hot shower, your painted toe-nails. It doesn't   matter what it is.  What matters is that you feel good when you think about it. 

10) Look for the benefit in all things, vs. looking for the detriment in most things.

11) Push against nothing.  Just focus on what you prefer and what feels good. (Remember...you don't have to have wheat grass taken off the menu.  Order what you like instead). 

Take your time with this.  It may not be easy at first, that's OK, don't push.  If you try too hard you'll just dig your heels in and justify your problem.  Don't force yourself to feel better, ease into it.  Let it come gently.

The more you focus on feeling good and talk about what’s going right, the more of that you’ll attract and experience.  

Your life isn’t like a game of Russian roulette where you just spin the revolver and hope things turn out well for you.  

You’re creating it all through your focus (your thoughts) and where you surf with those thoughts.  

You can be more discerning about those things you choose to focus on and you can do that based on how you feel.