Who Moved Your Potatoes and Where Did They Go?

There's something you want. 

You don't have it yet.  That's probably why you still want it.

It's taking soooo long. 

"Where is it, where is it, where is it?", you ask.

"It's missing", you say.  "I don't know where it is.  I don't know how to find it.  I don' t know how to get it.  I don't know how to make it happen."

Have you ever gone looking for something that was missing (let's say in this case, potatoes) that you couldn't find and soon after you gave up looking for the missing potatoes,  there they were?

Have you ever wanted something that you didn't have and once you decided to think of something else instead of the thing you didn't have - the thing you wanted that you formerly didn't have - is now yours?

If you keep talking about the money that you don't have.

The house you have that you don't want

The relationship that you don't have.  

The relationship you have that you don't want.

The body you want that you don't have.

The job that you have that you don't want.

The time that you want that you don't have...

What's left is, you have what you don't want or, you don't want what you do have and nothing's going to change very-much-any-time-soon if you keep that up. 

For anything to change into more of what you prefer, you have to get your attention on-to something else that isn't missing.  Something else that you do want and you already have. Something else that will have you stop looking-at, or for, the thing that's missing or unwanted, and looking right-at what-is that you feel good about.  

If you thought it was within sight or within your reach and it hasn't come yet, you have one of two choices. Keep feeling good about it and moving toward it and expect that what you want is.  Or, choice number two - be discouraged about it, doubt it, and give up because you see the lack of your ability to make it happen as a sign that it's not going to happen or that you're not good enough.  Or worthy enough, or, or, or....

Choice number two primarily being that you feel bad because you don't have what you want.  

Moving toward it can mean - course correction.  It can mean clarifying again what it is you want.  It can mean a multitude of things - but in this particular scenario it means - feel good anyway, without the manifestation.  

Feel good because. 

That's reason enough, but if you want another reason - if you feel good, you're on your way to more that you're going to like.  You're on your way to more that's going to feel more like this (how you already feel).  

If you let the temporary absence (or what may seem like long-term absence) of what you want dissuade you from your belief that you can have it - you're in big doo-doo.  Well, not really, but you're not moving toward more of what you want if you let what your eyes see (or don't see) set your mood and attitude.  

How you feel is everything.  How you feel about what you want is more important than where it is, how long it's taking, how it's going to appear, how you're going to meet, or where it's going to happen.  

So right about now, you might be wondering, "What the heck do potatoes have to do with this?"   

I really have no idea but somehow it seemed fitting.  Maybe next time you're looking for something that's missing or not here yet, you'll get an image of potatoes and you'll remember what you read here.  

The path to anything begins with an emotion.  

Even if you don't have what you want yet, if you can feel good anyway, you're getting warmer (closer) to finding and having those potatoes.  ;)