In All Seriousness, Why Are We Taking Spirituality So Seriously?

We do it for enlightenment.  We do it to become a better person - self-improvement.  We do it because some Guru, Shaman, Monk or Buddha must have the wisdom we don’t.

We pursue spirituality and self-development like it’s another job we have to do.  We should do.  We must do.

We want…to fix our flawed-selves, advance ourselves, and grow.

I’m allll about being self-aware.  I’m all about living consciously and being the best version of me - developing my self.  In fact, I chased that best version of me for a long time, believing I must be faulty, only to discover that I was never defective in the first place.  Only to discover that I had all the wisdom I needed, within me.  Only to discover that I’d been in hot-pursuit of taking myself way-too-seriously. 

I’m for you going after what you want and discovering yourself along the way.

…But does it have to be so serious?  Do the deep questions have to be explored in every conversation?  Do you have to know what’s holding you back, calling you forward, pushing you down and making your aura brown?

Does enlightenment come at the cost of fun?

Or can you have fun and discover who you are? 

Can you play your way to your own wisdom?

Does spirituality have to be so serious?

I think if we all took spirituality less seriously, we’d have way more fun.

We’re already spirit.  We don’t have to try so hard.  It’s not elusive.  It’s right here. 

The same technique is being applied to personal growth or spirituality as the method for career advancement, getting one notch higher on the ladder, or whatever it is.  Work harder, earn more, struggle to win, suffer a little or a lot, try, prove, and if none of that works, try harder.

Your expansion, your evolution, your growth - happens. 

How much meditation is enough?  If 10 minutes is good, is 20 minutes better?  How big does the crystal have to be?  How much incense should you burn?  Where’s the next guru you can follow?  Who is it?

What makes you happy?

What’s fun?

What do you like to do?

Go do it.

Be real.  Be yourself.  Discover who you are.  Yes, travel to India, Bali, Machu Picchu or to your next-door-neighbor’s yard if you want to.  Do the 10-day silent meditation, seclude yourself, recluse yourself – and do it seriously if you think that’s the way to do it.  Run to the fortune tellers.  Get as many crystals and rocks as you want.  Fill your homes with incense and nonsense.  Cleanse those toxins right outta ya.

Just remember that it can be fun, this business of spirituality and self-improvement.

Remember that all that wisdom you’re chasing, all those things you’re trying to fix about yourself, all the gurus you’re following don’t have your answers.  They haven’t lived your life.  Read them, follow them,  yes….

But everything you’ve ever looked for is within you and you can play your way to it. 

Feeling good now, having fun now is the best enlightenment you’ll ever find. 

Actualizing your highest potential is about feeling good now. 

Jump in puddles, make mud pies, go out with friends, climb a rock wall, watch a show, read a book, play with your kids, make food. 

What about asking the question, “How much fun can I have?

…and see where that leads you.