Be a Quitter. Follow Your Freedom

I’ve always been a freedom seeker.

I didn’t break rules per se, although I know for sure I broke some; I wasn't overtly a rebel. I did skip school a lot though.

I’ve always felt a pull in creating my own path rather than following someone else’s.

You may be able to relate. 

I’ve had a strong innate desire of independence since the beginning of time, as in – nobody’s going-to-tell-me-what-to-do entrepreneurial spirit. Living with an entrepreneurial father made it more palpable.  I had jobs and would quit them when I was asked to do things that I thought were unreasonable…or I just didn’t want to do.

I’m not commitment phobic; I’m just more committed to my personal freedom and alignment.

I took psychology throughout High School and attended University in Canada.  I was interested in human behavior, but was uninspired by school, so I quit and pursued other ways to learn about it while exploring other interests. 

I sold real estate for a while, dove into the banking industry, the insurance industry, had my own interior decorating business while being employed in other jobs and became a personal trainer. Turns out, I quit all of those too.  

Surprise, eh? Quitter? Maybe. 

Or perhaps I simply value my freedom more.

Maybe I value my internal compass more. Maybe I know that moving toward something can only keep life unfolding in better and better ways. 

Not fully committed? I see it differently.

I owned a brick and mortar business with my ex-husband for several years. I got in and got out once things were running smoothly.  There was more to discover. 

So maybe I quit that too.

I could hear that soft voice calling and I followed.

In time, I exited the business, selling my half to my amazing husband and partner of 15 years to continue on an inside journey.

I quit him to follow me.

I committed to myself to discover my freedom and my alignment.

Oxymoron?  Not so.

When I entered a coaching program, I knew that this was part of what I’d been running toward.  I could feel the perfect evolution of all that I’d lived culminating to this point.  Resonance.  Alignment. 

Two weeks before graduating, I was given an ultimatum of-sorts.  Complete the program or go on a 3 week back-packing trip to France that I’d planned some time ago. 

I decided to follow my heart.  I followed what was most aligned with me.  I realized that evidence of completion wasn't that important to me - a piece of paper wouldn’t be the end of my experience that would contribute to my life coaching.   

Hello, France.

live a life guided by what feels right for me and if I don’t honor that guidance within, I can’t be a Coach that guides you toward your knowing.

And I’ve been coaching now for 15 years.  I can’t-not do this. 

Coaching is me and I am coaching.

It breathes through me and I give it life. I cannot separate the two, they’re so intertwined. It’s easy…it’s natural to me…like I was born for this.

The reason I'm sharing this comes down to one point. While the choices I’ve made along the way may have seemed unreasonable, questionable, illogical or downright crazy to others – they never seemed like that to me.  To me, they were the next right step along the way.

Your life isn’t a fail-pass assignment that someone else assigns to you.  And it’s never done.

It’s something you can modify every step along the way according to what you feel called toward. 

I’ve never once regretted not completing the requirements to get a piece of paper – validation not required.

Or quitting. Or leaving.

No one can ever know as accurately as you do, what’s right for you and what feels best to you.

There’s not one right way to live life.

There’s your way to live your life. 

I encourage your freedom.

Freedom doesn’t mean you break laws and rules and become a rebel in society.  It doesn’t mean you disregard everyone else and do what you want at the expense of others.

True freedom is knowing you have a choice.

True freedom is knowing that you can choose how you want to feel in any circumstance.

True freedom is knowing your value whether or not you have the paper “credentials” to back you up.

True freedom is living a life that feels good, no matter what other people’s versions of what your life should be.

True freedom is knowing that you have the ability to feel good, no matter what.

True freedom is following your guidance; following that inner voice calling you toward everything that you’ve ever wanted…and going.

You can live within rules and you can abide by laws and still feel free.

You can be married and in a committed relationship and still feel free.

You can have a child or children and still feel free.

You can have a job or two or four; or own a business or three or ten; and you can still feel free.

You can have employees, kids, a spouse, a partner, colleagues and peers and associates; and still feel free.

It’s all in the mood and attitude that you have about it.

You have a choice to feel free or to feel trapped.

You have a choice to feel free or to feel confined.

You have a choice to feel free or to feel boxed.

Freedom is a state of mind, a state of being that is yours and yours to choose.

Or not.

Quitter?  Or Freedom Seeker? 

It’s all perspective.