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In All Seriousness, Why Are We Taking Spirituality So Seriously?

We do it for enlightenment.  We do it to become a better person.  We do it because some guru, Shaman, Monk or Buddha must have the wisdom we don’t.


We pursue spirituality and self-development like it’s another job we have to do.  We should do.  We must do.


We want…to fix our flawed-selves, advance ourselves, and grow.


I’m allll about being self-aware.  I’m all about living consciously and being the best version of me.  In fact, I chased that best version of me for a long time, believing I must be faulty, only to discover that I was never defective in the first place.  Only to discover that I had all the wisdom I needed, within me.  Only to discover that I’d been in hot-pursuit of taking myself way-too-seriously. 


I’m for you going after what you want and discovering yourself along the way.


…But does it have to be so serious?  Do the deep questions have to be explored in every conversation?  Do you have to know what’s holding you back, calling you forward, pushing you down and making your aura brown?

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