Perspective. Perception. Interpretation.

It’s a beautiful morning.  The sun isn’t up yet, but I’m seeing in my mind’s eye what the landscape looks like because I’ve driven this road often.  I know that the leaves are brilliant hues of green lifting up overhead as I get closer to the mountainside.  The view is breathtaking in the daylight, even though I can't see it right now.  I feel alive and happy as I rock-out to some tunes, driving with my thoughts and enjoying how the other drivers on the road are responsive and moving out of my path in perfect time.  I’m really enjoying the thrill of driving a little faster this morning.  

My husband and daughter are in the car in front of me and behind me, is someone else accompanying us to our destination. I feel excited and I’m enjoying this little motorcade very much.

Upon our arrival, my perspective is intact.  This was fun!   As we all got out of our respective vehicles, the person who’d been following us exclaimed, “That drive was horrendous!”

Same drive.  Same flow of traffic.  Same road.  Same scenery.  Same houses.  

Very different perceived realities.

We can’t all see the world through the same eyes or from the same perspective. 

The habit of thought that you practice most frequently will interpret and filter the world that you see and how you feel about it. 

How you feel is always reflected in the way that you see.

Perspective is everything,.  

What you practice thinking about in the way that you think about it, skews your perspective and establishes expectations and beliefs within you.  You’ll interpret your experience through that habit of thought, or filter, which means that the reality you experience through that perspective will be how it seems to you.  

The same world or the same view is experienced differently, depending on the perspective that you hold. In fact, you and someone else won’t see exactly the same thing or have the same experience because your perspective will draw you toward seeing and experiencing those things that match your perspective. 

We’re all living in different realities.  There are as many realities as there are people in this world.  

We’re not supposed to have the same realities.  Isn’t it nice that you get to perceive and feel and therefore experience your reality just the way you want to?  

Isn’t it nice that someone else’s reality of horrendous doesn’t have to be mine or yours?

So many times people get caught up in trying to convince others that their reality is the right or better one.  

What if you allowed people to interpret their reality in the way that they do, while you go ahead and choose your preferred reality, no matter what someone else’s is? 

You’re the perceiver and the interpreter of it all - you get to choose - and although you can’t perceive much differently from your practiced habit of thought, you can begin establishing your new habit of thought by leaning it toward your desired reality.

Horrendous or fun?  Which is it?  Which do you want to perceive?