You Can Always Tell A Different Story

We all like to tell stories; the stories of our lives... It's how we relate to one another, bond and make forever friends, isn't it?

We embellish them here, flower them up there, tell the truth-as-it-is for the sake of accurate and actual accounts.  We provide the sequence of unfolding events along the way, dragging up all the good, the bad and the ugly parts that got us to where we are and made us the person that we are now.  

While it may make for a good story, what you think and talk about and how you feel about it - becomes.  

You're always creating your now (because it's now and you're having the experience of it now as you're telling it) and you're also pre-paving a future reality.  

So if you're going to recount events (tell stories) about your past, present or future, make light of the bad and the ugly - or leave it out altogether.  

You don't have to emphasize the struggle to affirm your worthiness.

Many of us have been convinced that we must earn the good that we get by proving ourselves worthy of it with a tiny-bit (or alot) of strife.  Even if it's mostly (or all) gone well and easy for you, why let anyone know how easy it is?  (Omigosh, that would be horrible!) ;) 

Or, we keep creating difficulties in our lives because we believe that that's the path we must take to being worthy of any success or good-fortune we receive.  

But again, the more you keep talking about the hardships, the more you'll continue to live them in future experiences.  

Is it possible to highlight the good parts, emphasize what went well, amplify what's working and talk about what you like and still relate to others? (the answer is yes). 

How do you feel if/when you tell the bad and ugly parts?

How do you feel if/when you accentuate the parts that came together, are coming together, and are working well? 

Which feels better?  

Which part(s) would you like to hit the "repeat" button on and have similar experiences?

Which parts would you rather omit or allow them to rest without needing to take them with you into your future?

While it may be compelling to include it all in the story, is it worth it?  

Whatever story you're telling, you're including more of it in future experiences.  As you tell the story that includes the doubt, drama, uncertainty or fear that you went through to get to the wanted or unwanted experience or outcome, you create doubt, drama, uncertainty and fear into future outcomes with the likelihood of feeling that way again and again and again.


You tell a different version of the story or a different story altogether.  

Because if you keep telling that story, you'll keep living that story whether you like it or not. 

Do you want to have to overcome again more drama in your future stories as you have in your past?

Do you want to feel uncertainty every time you try something new?

Do you want to feel doubt every time you have a decision to make?

Do you want to keep being fearful of that?

I must ask again, "Is it worth it?"  Is that what you want?  

Or, would you prefer to create something new and different...

A different journey and a different experience?

If you do, highlight the good parts (the ones that feel the best), play down the not-so-good-parts, and create your future reality beginning now.

Now is where it starts.