The Grass Will Be Greener When...

The grass will be greener when...

You have enough money to buy beyond what you need - and then the grass will be even greener when you can buy what you really want.

You can do only what you want, not what you have to.

You're at the body weight that you've always wanted to be.

You can take that trip of a lifetime.  More than once.  

You can quit your day-job and hang out at the beach. Forever. 

Your house, taxes, paperwork and closets are in-order.

You have the place, the space and the landscape that you want.

Your business is running smoothly, you've built your list, and you've got more followers than bees are on-to honey.  

You get your degree, start your dream business, finish that project, the people in your life stop annoying you and your dog stops barking at things you can't see or hear.   

Your kid cleans up his room, you find the guy you want to marry, or the gal loves you back the way you love her.  

The grass will be greener when...

You'll feel better when the grass is greener...

Or, can you feel better now...?  Why wait 'till the grass is greener?

Why wait 'till things improve, change, manifest, de-manifest, go away, leave, arrive, produce, increase, decrease and/or behave and obey? 

We all have reasons (excuses that for-all-intents-and-purposes are legitimate) for holding out until "when" before we feel good, but in the process are we overlooking how good it is and missing the whole point of now, just to complain? 

Do you believe it's possible to feel good on-your-way-to the things you want, or do you need the grass to be greener before you let yourself feel happy, certain, stable, healthy, excited, or optimistic?  

It's in our nature to seek ways for it to be better and to want improvements, but the point never was to hold out on being happy or feeling good until everything improved and was just the way you want it. 

You don't demand your lawn to be tend to it.  You water it and fertilize it and you know there's a process toward it. 

Tend to your happiness now.  

Don't demand for the grass to be greener before you decide to get happy.  

There's green grass right where you are.  You can be happy on your way to the greener grass that you're tending to.  

There will always be another when... meaning - there will always be something that you want to change, improve or tweak.  That's evolution.  You can be happy that you want.  You can be happy that there are things you don't have and want more of.   You can be happy that you want improvements and change.  You can be happy that you get to choose your mindset and mood along the way even when things aren't quite what you want them to be.  

There is no reason not to feel good now.  

Until you get that, you'll always be under the illusion of the grass being greener when...