The Greener Grass

We do it because we think it’ll be better, we do it because the future promises more, we do it because we want to feel.

What are you putting off to….“when?"

….as in, “I’ll be happy when I live in a new house, get a new job, have more money.” 

... “I’ll be glad when this is over, he’s outta my life, or my kid is over this phase.”

…“I’d feel better if I knew, if I had a job, or if I didn’t have so much to do.”

Is the grass really greener when, or can it be greener now? 

Why wait?

You can feel good on your way to the greener, better, lusher times you want.

Why are you putting off feeling good until you…get there?

Think about it…you associate a feeling with everything you want.  What are you holding out for? 

I get it.  There’s shit going on in your life and it’s hard to feel better about it.  You think you’d feel better if it was all over, or if she was out of your life – for good.  You think you’d feel free if you had more money to spend on trips, on cars – heck, on food.  If you didn't have so much to do, so much of the time, you'd feel better.  You think that you have to keep responding to the condition, the situation, the way it is.

But….even if things aren’t quite the way you want them to be now, or not-even-close - how long are you going to hold out to feel better?  How long are you going to hold out to find something to feel good about now and stop using anything as a reason not to feel good? 

What feels good now to you?  There must be something…

There’s a story that goes something like this…."I thought it would be better once I had A,B,C in place, but now I just want A, B, C to be different."

You want to live in the greener pastures?

Love what you have now, on your way to having more.   Love who you BE now, on your way to being more.

Make the pastures greener now by changing your mood and attitude about where you are.

Raise your standards of how you feel and greener will be right where you are.