Don't Let Your Reality Beat You Up

The reality you’re living is real. 

Dammit….you face it every day.  Every day when you look at your sales.  Every day when you look at your bank account.  Every day when you go to the grocery store.  Or when you want to buy something you can’t afford.

It’s real.  The numbers don’t lie. 

You can’t possibly dream of another reality because this is the one you’re knee-deep into.

But you want something different.  You want some things to change

You want to live a better life.

You know you’re supposed to be living a different life.  This isn’t the one you signed-on for. 

What you’re living and what you want are vastly different. 

This feels hard.  It feels like struggle. 

What you want feels like ease and freedom.  The life you want feels seamless.  It feels limitless.  It feels playful and fun.  It feels free.  It feels like adventures all over the world, or adventures to the grocery store to buy anything you want.  It feels like you get to do what you want to do when you want to do it.  It feels like choice

The life you want feels way different than the one you’ve got

Reach for it anyway.  Reach for the way you’ve imagined your life to be, and feel it.  Feel it in every crevice.  Feel it even if your reality’s not caught up to it yet.  Because it will.  Even if it’s been a long-time coming. 

Believe it. 

Don’t compare your current version of reality to what you want, so much that it holds you to it.  

Let your current situation be what it is, while you mold the reality you’re going to step into.

Don’t stop.  Keep stepping into it. 

Feel it.  Be it.  And soon… you’ll be living it