What Your Doubt Is Telling You...(It May Not Be What You Think)

You entered a contest.

You wrote a blog post.

You told someone how you feel.

You bought something.

You made a decision...

It felt good when you did it.

It felt good when you wrote it.

It felt good when you said it.

It felt good when you bought it.

It felt good when you made it. 

But thennnnn....doubt started to creep in.  Somehow, someway, it showed itself.  

You began to wonder if you did the right thing, wrote what you meant, should have said what you did, should have bought what you bought, or chosen the thing you chose. 

Doubt, slowly slinking in, enveloping you in it's grip. 

You think the doubt must mean- you shouldn't HAVE.  You think the doubt signifies you did the wrong thing or, didn't do the right thing.  

That's not it at all. 

If you felt good when you did, chose, or said it, take that as affirmation that you did the thing that you were most aligned with when you did, chose, or said it.  If you didn't feel good when you did, well, that's a whole other conversation.  (If you want me to talk more about that, be sure to let me know).  

The doubt you're feeling does not mean, "You stupid dum-dum, why-oh-why did you f-in' go and do that?!?"  Contrary to popular belief, the doubt you feel isn't proof that you made the wrong choice.  

The doubt means you're challenging your original choice or action with your current thoughts. 

That's it.  It's not more complicated than that.  Don't make it mean more than that.  

Stop over-analyzing it.

Your doubt tends to confuse you, makes your signal to the Universe less clear, and then you start looking for signs that you made the wrong choice.  Don't do that

Instead, remind yourself of how you felt when you did the thing, said the thing, or bought the thing.  

Feel the certainty and alignment you felt. 

Recall why you chose to do or say what you did in the first place.  Find all of the reasons that support your choice vs. the reasons that amplify your doubt about it.  

And remember...

...That doubt is nothing more than thoughts that oppose your original choice and that while those doubts may seem captivating, they're not cause to second-guess yourself.  

Don't make it more complicated than that.  Keep it simple.