Feeling Like You Shouldn't Want More?

There's something you want.

You don't quite know in-detail what it is yet, but you get glimpses of it.  You get an image in your head, an idea, or you get a sense of what it is.   

What it is - is different from the reality that you're living and the two of them don't quite go-together.  You want more of that, than what you've got.  

Maybe you've heard it was greedy or selfish to want more.  Someone may have even said that to you.  

Maybe it was drilled into you that you should appreciate what you've got because there are starving children in the world with no roof over their heads - which made you feel bad for wanting more.  

Maybe you feel guilty or wrong because what you've got is pretty darn good...

Can you be alright with the idea that you're always going to want - better, less, more, or different?

Can you accept the idea that your nature is to want?

Can you feel good about wanting more than what you've got?

Can you stop judging yourself if what you've got isn't quite (or at all) what you want or not quite enough?

Can you feel excited about your desires?

Can you make peace with where you're-at right now on-your-way-to more?

Just about everyone you know wants...more, different, better, less.  You're not the only one who's standing in a place of wanting more than what you've got.

Maybe you want to be in better shape.

Maybe you want to increase sales.

Maybe you want to be a better parent, spouse, or friend.

Maybe you want more money.

Maybe you want a bigger house with more or less space.  

Maybe you want to travel more, be happier, weigh less, get out more, eat better, play more, write a book, sell more stuff, create something new... 

You get to want what you want.

Your life causes you to want more - that's a natural process of evolution.

You never again have to feel bad for wanting more.  Accept that you do.

Don't deny your desires, welcome them.  It's who you are.  

Evolution involves desires.  It's your nature.  Make peace with it.  




Christine MeyerComment