To All of You With A Good Dose of Healthy Delusion...This is for You.

You don’t get to where you want to by believing everything you hear.

You don’t fulfill your dreams by pursuing someone else’s.

What’s true for someone else isn’t necessarily what’s true for you.  Nor does it have to be.

Nothing much changes in your current reality if you’re obsessed with the realness of it.

It takes some fortitude to live in this world and focus on what you want when there’s so much that contradicts it.

It takes some determination to mold yourself into a different story than the one you’ve trained yourself and others to believe about you.

It takes some discipline to pay more attention to what you’re in the process of creating rather than to what you’ve currently got.

It takes faith and a belief in the possibility of your desires to ignore your current reality enough that you can feel the realness of the one that you’re not yet living. 

What you’ve manifested so far…consider it old news.

Anyone who’s ever achieved anything they wanted, had to at some point, have a dose of “healthy delusion.”  They had to look beyond the reality they were living and believe in what they didn’t yet see, be, or have.

Feel for what you want.  Get to know it so intimately that you know it in your being.  Become it before it ever happens.  And soon, the reality you’re living will catch up to the reality you already created. 

It can be that easy.  Let it be.

Get a good dose of healthy delusion.    

Christine MeyerComment