The Best New Year's Resolution You Can Make

I found a mug the other day that's been in storage for over 10 years.  My mother gave it to me when I was about 8.  It has a picture of a Hollie Hobbie doll on it with the words, "The time to be happy is now...".

I don't recall if those words held any significance for me as I was growing up.  I do know that I've lived my life learning about the power of happiness mindset and that feeling good now is at the core of what I teach through my coaching.


The time to be happy is now.  Not later, now.

Life happens, and there are many things that may or may not feel out of your control - the people you live with, the people you don't live with, the weather, the government, your animals, other people's animals, your body - you know, that stuff. 

What is in your control is what you think and how you feel.  You're the only one who can think your thoughts and you're the only one who can feel your feelings. 

In the endless pursuit of, "I'll be happy when", you discover that when the "when" happens, your happiness is fleeting.  

Soon you're pursuing another "I'll be happy when" holding off once again on being happy until another "when" happens - believing that it holds the power to how you feel and think until it happens.  

If you endlessly pursue happiness through things, experiences and people, you'll find yourself on a never-ending quest to fill the empty bucket of happiness. tend to your happiness mindset while on your way to having everything you want.

What seems like lifetimes ago, I stood in my living space, looked around and thought, "I'm not happy".  I'd pursued those things that I thought would make me happy, while I hadn't tended to my happiness mindset.  I concluded, "It must not be about the things or the ideal lifestyle.  It must be about how I think and feel about it." 

Lots of people tout the happy motto, and I know it can be annoying at best and too much to handle at other times.

There's not a one-step, or a 20-step program of happiness to follow that will work for everyone.  

There's no "right" way to happiness.

There's not a once-and-done approach to happiness. 

Happiness is an endless string of choices to establish a mindset of happy.

Being happy now is the best New Year's resolution you'll ever make.  

Why? Because beyond the conditions of your life; beyond the things you want to change, improve, "get" or accomplish; beyond the things you have right now; it's all because you think that once you experience, get, or have those things - or make those changes - you'll finally be happy (or feel better, good, or the way you think you'd feel if you had them).

Your mindset and how you feel is what matters.  

Your mindset and how you feel now creates your reality and pre-paves your future.  

Set your goals, achieve and have the things you want, but don't underestimate the power of your mind and how you feel along your way to having it all.  

The best investment you'll ever make in your lifetime is in the quality of your thoughts and how you feel.  

Change starts with you.  

Your thoughts and how you feel affect every other investment you'll ever make - with your time, money, attention and relationships - your relationship to others, to yourself, to your body, to food and to anything that's important to you.

Your thoughts create and how you feel matters because that's where everything you experience, begins.  

Your world and your trajectory will change for the better if you begin at the core of everything. 

Resolve to invest in your mindset and how you feel.  

Who knew that some of the wisest words ever spoken would come from a Hollie Hobbie doll?

The only time to be now.  



Come back next week and I'll talk about setting goals.

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