When Things Don't Go According to Plan

Things aren't always going to go as planned, or as you had hoped.

You planned a trip, a natural-birth, a speech, a life.

The trip never happened, the baby came three months early by c-section, your speech was a bust, and your life doesn't look the way you thought it would right now.

Hang in there...

Reveal - the opportunity.

I know you've heard it before.  In every hardship there's a gift; you must go through the darkness to see the light.


Whether you believe it's "for a reason", it's random, "bad luck", fate, or just the way things are...

You don't have to like it.  You don't have to find the good.  You don't have to appreciate it.

But at some point, you can decide if you want to keep feeling the same way about it.

The power doesn’t lie in the condition's hands; the power to feel an improved feeling is in your hands.

You have a choice and whatever happened, or whatever is happening doesn't have the control over how you feel as much as you might think it does.

When you think that the condition has to control how you feel, you feel powerless, you flail, you flounder, and you feel  less in-control of your life because these things are happening and you're reacting to them. 

Everything that can be viewed as something gone wrong, as a problem, or as something unwanted can also be viewed as opportunity - to discover greater solutions, to discover something else about yourself, and to ask different questions. 

A stronger desire about something is always birthed when you experience contrast.

You can't be in the zone of seeing it as wrong and discover its rightness.

You can't be focused on defeat and see an opportunity lying before you.  Door wide open.

You can't be looking at unfairness and find fairness.

Feeling bad doesn't change a thing; feeling better gives you a different perspective. 

You can blame, you can rant and you can feel at the mercy of a merciless Universe.

Do it.

Until you decide that you want to feel better.

Make a decision. 

Decide that you're going to feel better because you want to feel better. 

Feeling better is all you can do...for now.  You can't change what happened, you may not be able to change your immediate-present conditions, but you can affect your awareness of your present, and pre-pave your future, by feeling better now.

Make a decision.  Because you can.




Christine MeyerComment