/the beginning 

(3 month commitment; prerequisite to any other work together)

We begin with building foundations that allow forward movement, produce an understanding of the Laws of the Universe, and clarify your important role in the creation of your life. Your beliefs, thought patterns and how you feel begin to change. We talk about what's important to you and we align you with it. You discover how important your relationship with your soul, is.

The principles are always consistent, while your life delivers the path to discover them.  

The result? You start feeling your power, become more aware of how you're creating your life and have deeper understanding of how important your role is.

Are you ready?

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 /the mastery

(ongoing/6 month commitment)

The work we do together is progressive. The more consistent you are the more you experience positive results. What you'll discover is that mastery is understanding that there are always more ways to become masterful, and that your life will constantly provide that for you. Your discoveries and comprehension will continue to evolve, as will your questions. You'll get addicted to feeling good and to the exponential benefits you're receiving from your alignment through our work.  

This continued partnership can only benefit you, as you become a cooperative component to your desires, allowing momentum towards your next steps to build uninterrupted as you continue to integrate your new habits, beliefs and knowledge. The more you practice this new approach, the more it becomes a habit–and when alignment becomes a habit, everything that matters to you, improves.


/the accordance

(ongoing/6 month or 1 year commitment; (this option is available by invitation only, after a minimum of six months of working together)

This option is only available once we've worked together for a minimum of 6 months. It's a 'tailored-to-you' approach developed to give you more of what you specifically want from me. 


There’s not one right way to live life. There’s your way to live your life.

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/the expectations

You'll gain a clear understanding of your emotions and what they mean, of your unquestionable worthiness of all that you want, the role of energy in your creations, and your very important leading-edge role in all of it. 

You'll discover how consistent and true the laws of the Universe are, and always have been—therefore see how they can be applied to all areas of your life that will make change and improvements inevitable.

Your contradictory thought patterns will shift; your doubts will subside; your desires will be clearer; your perspective and how you feel will change, and more possibilities will be revealed. 

You'll understand yourself and the world around you in ways that you've never thought of before. 

You'll gain knowledge and tools to align with what you want while you feel good on your way to it.

You'll never again question if you're the designer of you life, you'll know, and you'll know that you like doing it by design, rather than by default.

Change starts from the inside—you’re at the center of it all. By the time we're done, you're a different person. But you don’t have to wait until the end to see, it happens from our first call when we design your path. You're changed...for life. And you were pretty awesome to begin with.


Everything changes, when you change.

Just wait...

Are you ready?

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