The Path

This is a partnership, specially customized for the forever-evolving you.  

You want full control of the design of your life - but control isn't necessarily what you're after.

What you want is mastery. 

You care about how you feel and you like being in-charge of your evolution.

You're a freedom-seeker while being fully committed to your vision, living a good life, and being the best you can be.

Your spidey senses tell you there's more to life to understand and deep-down you know you're the expert on you and you have a feeling that having what you want may not be about tactics, ten steps, or how-to's.

You want a mindset that keeps moving you forward and tunes you even more into your intuition.

You're all about self-awareness and self-transcendence but you know there's more to life than just stuff, because you've already got stuff.

You still want stuff, but you want more than that - you want meaning and purpose

You may even want to change the world or make your world a better place

You may be philanthropic and want to do good stuff with your stuff.  Or, maybe you don't care so much about that.

You lead.  You don't follow.  You make your own path. You always figure it out

You've already got it in you.  

Let's work together to create a path for you to live more of what you want, while you feel in-charge of it, like the artist is in charge of his paint brush.  

What you'll get:

  • We'll build solid foundations first, so you can build the rest of your life upon those. 
  • You'll have a clear understanding of Universal Laws, your emotions and what they mean, of your unquestionable worthiness of all that you want, the role of energy in your creations, and your very important leading-edge role in all of it. 
  • You'll understand yourself and the world in ways that you've never thought-of before. 
  • You'll have knowledge and tools to align with what you want while you feel good on your way to it.
  • You'll discover how consistent and true the application of the laws of the Universe are, and always have been - therefore see how they can be applied to all areas of your life - making improvements, changes and progress, inevitable.  
  • You'll never again question if you're the designer of you life, you'll know, and you'll know that you like doing it by design, rather than by default. 
  • Your contradictory thought-patterns will shift; your doubts will subside; your desires will be clearer; your perspective and how you feel will change, and more possibilities will be revealed.  

Change starts from the inside.  You're at the center of it all.

By the time we're done, you're a different person.  You're changed...for life.

And you were pretty awesome to begin with.

Everything changes, when you change.

Just wait...



The foundation - 12 week Program:  

Our work together begins with building foundations to allow forward movement; understanding the Laws of the Universe, how you create and your role in the creation of all of that.  12 weekly one-hour calls (all recorded) with follow up "nuggets" from our call emailed to you along with a post-call insight worksheet that you'll complete for tracking your new discoveries, ideas, and inspirations. 

Once we've completed the first 12 weeks, we can discuss working together for the on-going mastery, momentum and evolution of you. 

Please note that this work is not a set program that's the same for you as it is for someone else.  It's adapted and delivered specific-to-you.  The foundations of the Laws of the Universe never change, but how it's conveyed is totally unique-to-you.  It takes on a natural evolution as you evolve and everything that you want to address gets covered.



Customized programs available for the mastery of this work once the foundation work is completed.  We design something specifically tailored to you according to where you are on your Path and where you're going.  

Working together longer-term is where you'll feel more momentum as you continue to integrate your new habits and knowledge, making it easier for you to implement into your life.  You'll find that you'll more naturally live these principles while discovering the benefits of this work to be far-reaching.  When alignment becomes your new habit, your results become exponential.  

Prices vary according to your unique requirements.


Retainer options available - please contact me to discuss

This option is available only once we've worked together for a minimum of 3 months.