compliments from christine's Clients

 Nadav Wilf   Founder and Chief Lifestylist, Lifestyle Perfected 

Nadav Wilf 

Founder and Chief Lifestylist, Lifestyle Perfected 

"In my opinion, life is about feeling good. Christine is a master at extracting the good feelings. When I'm not feeling good, she's helped me shift my perspective to create the feeling and outcome I want in my life. In just three months of coaching with Christine, my life transformed to where I could enjoy, be more present, achieve my dreams and move in the direction of new dreams."


  Josh Greenbaum Business Consultant, Glenn Burdette

Josh Greenbaum
Business Consultant, Glenn Burdette

"I've been working on me - The past couple years I've spent a great deal of time and effort holding the mirror of life up to myself. Everything was good, but I wanted great. I wanted higher quality relationships, I wanted my career to soar to new levels, and I wanted a clear perspective of the world around me. Christine has helped me get there."

 Nick Onken  Photographer/Artist 

Nick Onken

"Christine is wonderful in diving into your thought life with a fine tooth comb to fine tune the thoughts that create the world you want. I have more of an understanding of the Law of Attraction. Creating less resistant thoughts and taking myself to a space of feeling good. Creation starts with your thoughts, and I feel more in control now while believing everything will be ok. The conscious shift of taking the path of least resistance.
The coaching helped me reprogram my subconscious reactions to life. I learned the result of letting go of resistance and guiding my thoughts and feeling better are manifestations that you’re not allowing and living. She taught me how to approach getting jobs differently mentally, and I got a huge campaign shoot."

 Adam Rockefeller Growald

Adam Rockefeller Growald

"Christine's coaching needs to be experienced to be fully understood because it works on so many levels. Before beginning coaching with Christine, I waffled and deliberated for quite a while. I have now been working with her regularly for well over a year, and it's truly hard to imagine what my life would be like today had I not said yes. 

My work with Christine has consistently led to specific breakthroughs in many areas of my life-including work and money, my relationships with my family, and my health and well-being (to name just a few) and I can't overlook the significance of these. Yet perhaps even more importantly, her coaching has fundamentally changed the way I see myself in the world. The level of confidence, ease, and compassionate power that I now experience regularly is orders of magnitude beyond what I even imagined was possible before Christine and I began working together. 

Perhaps one of the best parts of working with Christine has been that the process with her always feels easy. I went into coaching with some expectation that getting more of what I wanted in life would involve sacrifice and teeth-gritting hard work, but that couldn't be farther from the truth of my actual experience. It's quite logical, really; creating a life I love should be a really fantastic experience, and Christine has helped me not only to understand that intellectually but to realize it in my daily life."

  Kym McNicholas Emmy Award Winning TV Personality

Kym McNicholas
Emmy Award Winning TV Personality

"There are very few people in one’s life with whom you could contend are life-changing. Christine Meyer is one who is that person with all of whom she meets. Christine has the ability to connect with you on a deep level in literally an instant. Her impact is felt fast and is sustainable. Christine’s words truly inspired me to create my own reality, a reality I always dreamt of, but never thought I could achieve. She taught me to expect my dreams to come true versus simply wanting things to happen. There’s a huge distinction, which has changed my life. She’s also taught me that focusing on what I feel will attract more of that same feeling, and it really does. It’s an entirely new way of thinking that makes me feel amazing 99% of the time. And in that 1% of times where I don’t feel good, Christine’s taught me to accept where I’m at and simply recognize how I prefer to feel. Thanks to her, I have an entirely new perspective on life: Everything is always working out for me."

 Seth Kravitz  Founder, Technori

Seth Kravitz
Founder, Technori

"Yesterday I was walking from my apartment to an appointment and I found my mood souring. Something about the same paths, the same street, etc...just got my mind into that bad frequency that drags the past with me everywhere I go. Then it started to rain and I got pissier, because it covers my glasses. 

Then I paused....

I said to myself, "What else can I notice about this?" 

I noticed a slight breeze that was rustling the flags on the building next to me. I noticed how the rain felt on my skin. Cold, but peaceful and refreshing. I started looking up and found my gaze wandering along the beautiful architecture of the University Club building. 

My stress washed away. I smiled and almost had a tear or two as I kept watching the wind blow the flags, rain wash down, and everything in the world felt OK for a moment. 

I owe that beautiful moment to Christine. It definitely was the catalyst I needed to keep trying that same technique over and over. 

Thank you for all you do." 

  Andrea Lake Founder and CEO, Delinquent Distribution Serial Entrepreneur of 14 companies

Andrea Lake
Founder and CEO, Delinquent Distribution
Serial Entrepreneur of 14 companies

I brought on Christine Meyer Coaching to walk me through it all. She provided specific insight and modification to the words I use, the view of myself, and clarity around the laws of attraction. My life has gone from zero-60 faster than I could have imagined and I couldn't be more grateful.

"Christine helps people reach the ultimate goals: happiness, ease, freedom, peace, and confidence.  She tailors her calls and advice to her clients’ needs, whether things are going quite well and there's just some fine tuning that they’re wanting or if they are embarking on a major life change.

Christine really cares about her clients.  She believes in them and she offers amazing insight and help, and the service she provides is invaluable.

She is empowering, loving, and powerful and will tell it like it is.  She will remind us that life is good for us and that we are doing well, and if we aren’t, she’ll guide us back. She is amazing."

   Quddus Philippe   TV Host and Producer  MTV's TRL

Quddus Philippe
TV Host and Producer

Christine Meyer’s coaching is incredibly insightful. Every time we speak, I’m inspired and accelerated by Christine’s level of passion and ability to empower my highest possibility. Her approach is organic, fluid and specific so she is always adept at offering up what will serve me best in that moment. She consistently provides the kind of perspective that elevates way above the usual. Christine’s wisdom flies at 30,000 feet and it lands on solid ground every time.”

  Sam Salisbury Co-Founder, Rallysong Serial Entrepreneur

Sam Salisbury
Co-Founder, Rallysong
Serial Entrepreneur

"Christine has a beautiful way of looking at life and inspiring others to live to the fullest. I am very impressed by all of the gems of knowledge she shared with me. It has allowed me to make subtle changes in my life which have helped me attract great things and reach greater success. I look forward to continue working with Christine and for all of the abundance that is coming into my life."

  Alex Banayan Author (Penguin Random House) and Venture Associate

Alex Banayan
Author (Penguin Random House) and Venture Associate

"Christine *get’s it* and shares her wisdom generously without holding back. She has helped me in so many ways and her insights on personal growth, the law of attraction, and all things important in life are all spot on."

 Travis Steffen  Co-Founder, Up & MentorMojo  Entrepreneur, Thrill Seeker, Viral Growth Hacker 

Travis Steffen 
Co-Founder, Up & MentorMojo 
Entrepreneur, Thrill Seeker, Viral Growth Hacker 

“I thought my mind was as optimized as it possibly could be, but I was dead wrong. Christine changed my life - pure and simple. Not hiring her could be the biggest mistake you ever make.”

 Loni Spratt  Head of Customer Success/ Recruiter Evangelist    
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Loni Spratt 
Head of Customer Success/ Recruiter Evangelist 

“I get up everyday excited to work, which has now become the new normal. It's fantastic! It's just so great how things happen when you're constantly feeling good. I am so truly happy to have worked with you. My progress since we began has been exponential and I am very grateful to have met you and worked with you!”

 Dr. Doug Musseau Exploits Valley Dental Office

Dr. Doug Musseau
Exploits Valley Dental Office

"I have been coaching with Christine for 6 years and really like her unconventional style.  Christine has a way of coaching me back to stable grounds and getting my thoughts in alignment and feelings in a positive mode so I can move forward on various projects that I am working on. 

When I am thinking in a negative way and hindering my movement forward she is there to steer me on a road of possibilities and lessening the resistance that my thoughts create. "

 Mona Motwani Co-Founder, Spark Lawyer, Entrepreneur, & Human Rights Activist 

Mona Motwani
Co-Founder, Spark
Lawyer, Entrepreneur, & Human Rights Activist 

"Christine has helped me transform my way of seeing and interacting with the world. Most importantly, she has helped me to retrain my thoughts and help me change my way of dealing with my own self-defeating thoughts. She has allowed me to realize and to integrate the principles of shifting my emotional state and vibration to one that allows for complete ease, abundance, and well-being.

Without even knowing it, Christine helped me to soften some of my old stuck points so that I was able to launch and create a successful online business within months of us working together. There is no doubt in my mind that integrating this work four months prior to my launch was a huge factor in its success. This business has opened up so many opportunities for me as an entrepreneur and has brought me financial security for the first time in my life!"


 Jeff Siegel CEO, Live Smart Solutions 

Jeff Siegel
CEO, Live Smart Solutions 

Let me start at the end of the story because that's where true impact lies. Our business has seasonality to it. Before our last peak I felt compelled to give Christine a call and just do four sessions with her.  It has been about 6 months since I had gone through her foundational set of sessions. I'm the kind of person who loves to learn something new and then take a good amount of time to let it sink in and apply it. So I arranged these four sessions, and just like our initial conversations we discussed the thoughts that were going through my head, where those patterns were coming from, what I was attracting in my life and what I was repelling. It wasn't tactical, it wasn't even strategic, it was a step outside myself to tap into my real power. Needless to say I would not be so thrilled to write this if things didn't turn out well. After our call, we had the most outstanding peak business season we've ever had, broke all our records and put us on a superb track for the rest of the year. Can I attribute all of our success to Christine's coaching?  Christine helped soothe some doubts about our outcome in my business, helped me align with what I wanted, and with that, had incredible results. Perhaps we can look at Christine as a cosmic chiropractor.  Alignment goes a long way. It's always been a journey of discovery with Christine, and the beauty has always been a process that doesn't feel draining. This was not dealing with existential philosophical conundrums, but peeling back another layer of how our brains really work which I knew was there, but had a hard time touching and holding on to. It has been a privilege and an honor to work with someone so effective who also cares so much. 

  Ayinde O. Alakoye Founder, CEO, Hitch Radio

Ayinde O. Alakoye
Founder, CEO, Hitch Radio

"Christine brings an uncommonly unwavering perspective of positivity to every consultation.  It's like chiropractic for the soul.  But, her breadth of business experience grounds her advice, while allowing her to delve deeply into the heart where true shifts in momentum can be unlocked.  Her dedication to your growth is evidenced in the thorough and generous recap of your sessions.  Most of all, though, she knows how to help you enjoy the fun of taking the quantum leaps that she can effortlessly help you achieve."

  Khalid Itum Founder & CEO, Folio  Chairman,  Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Catalyst & Advisor

Khalid Itum
Founder & CEO, Folio
Chairman, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Catalyst & Advisor

"Christine is a wonderful life coach — who doesn’t separate “work” from “life.”

She understands that our outlook on life affects all aspects of our lives and all associated outcomes: personal, professional, financial, physical, and romantic. Even spending my first few minutes with her, I was drawn to this outlook that she has — and the infectious attitude she has that allows each of us to really take control of our own lives, thereby not making excuses for ourselves.

On the face of it, spending time with Christine could seem daunting because of the added responsibility; but in fact, what I learned even within the first hour of time together was that it’s an extremely empowering mindset. Simply making the switch in my mind — literally simply that — has resulted in different outcomes every day for me. I’m happier, I have better personal and professional relationships, I’m in better shape, and I’ve gone from an employee and consultant to holding an equity position in not just one but five companies.  And I find that I’m able to share my now not-so-new approach to life with all those around me, which also provides me with happiness, being able to be a positive influence on those I care about and those whom I just meet for the first time.

Christine’s effect on me has been liberating in every sense of the term, and I strongly recommend her for who she is first and foremost, but also for what she is able to do for you!" 

  KC Baker Founder and CEO, KC Baker International Entrepreneur + Public Speaking Trainer 

KC Baker
Founder and CEO, KC Baker International
Entrepreneur + Public Speaking Trainer 

"Christine brings passion and a devotion to helping others live fully in the abundance of life to her work and to the public stage. She is a woman who lives and embodies what she teaches. I highly recommend her as a coach and a speaker for any group seeking inspiration and guidance on how to live life fully."

 Joe Stolte  Co-Founder, Rallysong 

Joe Stolte 
Co-Founder, Rallysong 

“Working with Christine is a powerful life changing experience. In a single session she helped me understand the power of choosing what to focus on and its corresponding impact on mood and behavior. These powerful concepts have served me in a profound way and I would highly recommend working with her.” 

 Jamie Amaral  Amazon Entrepreneur 

Jamie Amaral 
Amazon Entrepreneur 

“Christine may just be this world's best kept secret. She is a life coach, business coach and everything coach. If you want to find your truest you, your fullest self and reach the soaring heights of your potential, Christine is your first class ticket. There is no way to quantify the value of her work as it will penetrate every ounce of your existence. Christine will show you how to play your way into the life of your really can have it all!”

 Maya Katherine Lockwood Film Maker

Maya Katherine Lockwood
Film Maker

"Christine is amazing at identifying any blocks you may have in reaching specific goals and getting you into alignment with your vision. She is great at helping entrepreneurs, big dreamers and doers with her world class coaching. She has helped me take my ideas to the next level and to allow incredible good things to happen. It has been such a pleasure working with Christine and I highly recommend her."

 Kathryn Taylor Musseau Host, Exploits Valley Dental Office Writer, Romans with Humor & Mystery

Kathryn Taylor Musseau
Host, Exploits Valley Dental Office
Writer, Romans with Humor & Mystery

"Christine has been an incredible personal coach...simply the best. Her unique approach is refreshing and things happen synchronistically. Life is supposed to be fun and with Christine it is both fun and dynamic. If you wish the reach your goals without stress and create abundance in your life, try working with Christine. Highly recommend her." 

 Sarah Murphy  Founder, Sentinel Alert 

Sarah Murphy 
Founder, Sentinel Alert 

“Christine is a talented coach who is an absolute joy to work with. She makes true and meaningful connections with her clients almost instantly, and offers a truly unique and tailored coaching experience.

I would recommend Christine for both personal and professional coaching. She will help you recognize and connect with your true potential.
I look forward to my coaching call with her each week!”

 Zach "Remy" Hoesly Co-Host of 'The Mason & Remy Show' Big 95.5 Chicago | 93.7 The Bull St. Louis 

Zach "Remy" Hoesly
Co-Host of 'The Mason & Remy Show'
Big 95.5 Chicago | 93.7 The Bull St. Louis 

"Christine doesn't just teach the Law of Attraction and it's principles, she lives it on a daily basis. She's professional, thought provoking and real. Over the past 3 years, I have seen exponential growth in my career and have achieved milestones I never thought I could. 

Through our calls, Christine has taught me how to find peace matter how difficult the situation.  

Ultimately, Christine has shown me how to change my life...and I have. By applying her techniques on a daily basis I have been able to overcome adversity. Everything is always working out for me and it can for you as well!"

 Doug White Pitching Coordinator, Houston Astros

Doug White
Pitching Coordinator, Houston Astros

"Christine is an amazing coach, consultant and human being. Her knowledge on the information in her arena is second-to-none. She has assisted me in my life and career and I have, and would, recommend her to anyone who is serious about creating success and happiness in their career and life.

 Frank Mastronuzzi  Chief Love Officer,

Frank Mastronuzzi 
Chief Love Officer,

"Working with Christine has been a great blessing to me. She has been remarkably supportive, gentle, and compassionate yet skillfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals. She is great listener. I really feel heard, and that has been key to my trusting the coaching process. And she has fantastic, creative ideas that I have found eye-opening, simple, and practical. I've been surprised to find myself, after every session, muttering, "I need to spend more time with Christine!"