Warning: This May Cause a Heightened Sense of Self-Empowerment

There are a lot of people on this planet who believe that when something good happens it's luck, coincidence or good karma and when something they perceive as "bad" happening, it's the planets, bad luck, bad juju, or bad karma descending upon them as punishment for something wrong that they've done.  

If that's you, this is likely where you'll want to stop reading unless you're open to another perspective.  I'm happy you believe in something that makes sense to you.

If you are one who believes (or at least wants to believe) that you create your reality and that everything that happens in your experience is because of what you've been thinking and feeling (even if it's been oblivious on your part) then read on.  It means that you want creative control of your own experience.

Listed below are some guidelines to help you with that.

Warning:  This may cause a heightened sense of self-empowerment.  

Don't try to change anyone's opinion of you. You're not responsible for making       someone else's experience of you be different than what they expect.

Everything that happens to you is about you.   

Stop trying to control anyone or anything. There's no power in that.

Your power lies in your ability to manage how you feel. 

Complaints?  Keep them to yourself because they only serve to reinforce your belief that something or someone needs to change so that you can feel better.  Nothing needs to change before you feel better.  You have all the power in that equation. 

You are free.  Lack of freedom is a perspective you're choosing.  

You're not broken.  You don't need fixing.  Neither do they. 

Take credit for what you create rather than blame. Your creations (no matter what they are) show you how powerful you are. 

You were never wrong and nothing has gone wrong.  Nothing is wrong. 

It's always *for* you, not *against* you.  

Be proud of the trouble you stir up and go stir up some more.  It's all working for you. 

Stop digging up your past and bringing it into your now.  It must get heavy.  You can't look back and keep moving forward any more than you can put your car in reverse and move ahead.  

Leave regret at the door.  It's misplaced attention on something you can't do anything about. Move on.  

Stop telling that story if you want your reality to change.

Don't believe your own bullshit. 

Don't let someone else's observation of your reality dissuade you from knowing the reality that you're in the process of creating. 

Get a good dose of healthy delusion. Why?  Because it'll help you create more of what you want. 

Don't allow a current reality that you don't like to set your expectations of what's coming next.  

You must believe it for it to become your reality. 

Always reach for the better feeling thought - it doesn't have to be the best-feeling thought, just a better feeling thought.  

Be discerning about your thoughts and conversations and lean them in the direction of what feels better and what you want.  

Allow your beliefs to match your desires.   

Set your goals knowing they're inevitable.  

Imagine for the pleasure of the idea rather than to try to make something happen. 

Affirm what you know rather than trying to affirm something you don't believe.  Trying to affirm something you don't believe amplifies that you don't believe it even more. 

Decide that you want to feel good and don't ask the people or the world around you to change so that you can feel good.  Feeling good is your job - not someone else's job to do for you.  

Decide that feeling good is the new cool. 

Believe in your abundance.

Choose your thoughts and see how rich you already are.  

Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate.

Life isn't something that happens without your consent.  There's nothing random about it. Everything is energy and your world responds to what you think, feel and believe.

You can be clueless to what you're thinking, feeling and believing or you can pay attention to what you're thinking, feeling and believing.  

Either way, you are creating your reality.

Self-empowerment doesn't come from handing it over to something outside of you.  It comes from taking the credit for all that happens in your life and making the correlations between your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and what's manifesting.  




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